Anyone Else Taking Allergy Meds

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Jokat - July 10

I'm 6 weeks preg. and have severe allergies with allergy induced asthma. I always took Ventolin and an allergy med called Aerius. Is there anyone else that can tell me anything about allergy meds and pregnancy?? Please help!


spammy4145 - July 10

Hey Jokat, I was 6 weeks pg and taking zyrtec daily for my sever allergies as well. along with allergy shots. Well I asked my ob doc and she said there is no reason why I should not be able to take my meds, and I also looked it up in my med book and it said there wern't many studies done on allergy meds with women and cla__sified as a C.. Which isn't bad, well I sadly m/c 6w3d, but you don't know what causes m/c exactly but I swore if I ever found out i was pg again I would stop taking my allergy meds and be miserable rather than take another chance like that.. Hope that helps, but also not to scare you any.


lynnstress - July 11

Before ttc, I asked my regular dr about allergy meds. She said not to take anything w/ decongestant, but that Claritin was ok. After I got pregnant, my allergies exploded in the spring. I asked at the gyno what else I could take, and they said Flonase and Zyrtec were okay. I got an Rx for Flonase and had a MUCH better time of the allergies. Ask your doctor what you can do. Benadryl and Chlor-Trimeton are also acceptable meds. I was told Sudafed only after week 13 of pregnancy.


d16mond - July 12

Hi there, I haven't had to consistantly take allergy meds, but when I get hay fever I get it really badly and I take polaramine. I have taken it through all my pregnancies. (spoke to pharmacy and doctor about taking during pregnancy and they said its fine) plus its been around for a long time. All the best, take care & good luck.


Trish# - July 12

Claritin is okay (not Claritin-D), and don't take Allegra. Benedryl is safe as well (but will make you drowsy). Not sure how bad/frequent your asthma is, but it can get worse in some pg women and they say treatment often outweighs the risks of medication. If you get it too bad it affects your baby's oxygen so better to medicate than let it go. I'd ask your OB or allergist or pharmacist.


Jokat - July 12

Hey everyone! And thanks for the info. I have a four year old but back them my allergies weren't as bad and seemed to get better once I got pregnant. This time that's not the case. I cannot live without them cause depriving the baby of oxygen is worse than the meds from what I've read so I'll have to stay on something. Eliminating my inhaler is out of the question but the allergie meds can be switched I'm sure. I have to wait till next week to see my ob/gyn to find out what's best but thanks again!



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