Anyone Else That Doesnt Want Their Husband In Labor Room

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me again - February 25

Well I know that there is no way that the father of my baby is going to be in the labor room..I think i would feel better with people that I don't know, I don't want him to see me going through that..(i have no idea why I am freaked out) I want to know if this is weird or its normal and there is girls out there who feel the same way or maybe I am been selfish by not letting no one be there, my family/husband in the room. opinion please


IT is OK! - February 25

Every preg. woman goes through the emotional roller coaster. Things will change when the time comes. You will want him to share the joy with you. He helped make it, so why not have part in the whole process, i think it is rude for you to push him away NOW!! GOD BLESS!! good luck


A - February 25

I can sympothize with you. I felt the exact same way when i first found out i was preggo. I'm now 34 weeks and still hest_tant about letting my husband or anyone else in the labor room but decided that I will have my husband and mom. My personal reason was that I did not want my husband to see all the gross things that happen to you while you are in labor... after much discussion with him he has rea__sured me that he won't look until the baby is actually coming out. I know to alot of people it sounds stupid and petty but I have never been all that comfortable with myself or my body.


Maleficent - February 25

my frist time i was totally freaked out. i only let my mom stay for delivery. (DH was deployed and missed the birth). looking back i really wish i had let my moms best friend be there too. second time it was just DH and me. DH did awesome at calming me down and encouraging me along the way. i'm so glad he was there. delivery is not a horrible thing. it's rough, but i wouldn't do it alone ever. i wanted someone i trust by my side. he was the one who stood up for me against pushy nurses. he knew when i was ready to snap and he would calm the situation. think it over some more. bottom line you need to do what you will most comfortable with. but there are alot of benifits to having someone there to support you.


~m~ - February 25

I do respect your feelings, but please don't leave him out of this joyous process. It is soooo not fair. If he wants to see his baby born, then please let him! It is the most miraculous thing! If your issue is not wanting him to see your "nether parts", I don't think that will be an issue when you are in labor. It's not like looking at a hoochy, it's just about watching a baby enter the world. I had C-sections, so I don't know how it feels. But I was in the delivery room with my mom and stepdad when my sister entered the world. And I wouldn't trade that for anything!


momof3 - February 25

I too have real issues with other people seeing my girl parts. But I did have my husband is the delivery room with all three of my babies. 1st one he was in the corner scared. 2nd one he was more involved and holding my hand stuff like that. 3rd he was really involved. third time he watched the baby come out. Trust me when it comes time you will really apprectate having him there. My Mom on the other hand wanted to be in there with all three and I told her NO WAY! She was really p__sed off at me, but oh well. My a** my decision! Good luck!


tara - February 25

Before I got pregnant I never thought i would want my husband in there. I kept saying I don't wnat him to see me at my 'lowest point' and I was afraid him being in there and seeign what's going on might change our relationship. But now I realize that I want him in there, and I would not wnat to go through that with out his support. I went through a miscarrige in Oct and him being so supportive I realized that I would never get through it with out his support. I've also asked him, if he would wnat to be there...before we even got pregnant I had asked him and said it was his choice and he said he would not want to miss it at all. I don't think you are ebing selfish...but have to consider what he wants as well.


tiffani - February 26

I wouldn't label it wierd, but it also doesn't seem normal. I can understand your inhibitions, but he is your husband, and the father of this baby. He is your LIFE partner and will be with you through everything life has to offer. What do you fear will happen when he sees you give birth? This is a once in a lifetime event, please don't deny the father the opportunity to witness the miracle of birth. It's just not fair.


Mallory - February 28

I think that is one of the most important parts of having a baby....experiencing it together because you are both the parts that make this child and he has the right to be there when the baby is born. i am sure you will decide that is what you would like. Don't cut him out on something that great.


rose - February 28

i think it is very important that he is there, you will not regret sure its nothing your husband hasnt seen... my husband was there so were three nurses(one of them a family friend) and the doctor! let me also add that i was there when a friend (who is like a sister)had her baby was not uncomfortable and even though i saw her there(in all its glory!) it is not an uncomfortable was miraculous to watch a baby being born and it is a memory i cherish... and if you are uncomfortable having him watch, discuss having him at the head of the bed for support...think it through befor making a final decision



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