Anyone Else With Eating Disorders

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KL - September 23

Just wondering if there's anyone else out there who's pregnant and trying to handle having an eating disorder at the same time? I'm 7wks pregnant and anorexic, and am finding the whole "not really being in control of my body" thing really well as knowing that I will have to put on weight! How have other people coped? I am looking after myself - I started eating healthily as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I'm still obsessively weighing, and am really struggling to fight the urge to restrict...but so far imagining the baby is doing the trick, and I'm being referred to an ED clinic to have some help. I'm interested in how women coped/are coping with the ED thoughts and managing their ED behaviours to be healthy for the baby? If anybody is considering posting a judgmental or confrontational reply - please don't post unless you're either trying to be helpful, or have some knowledge of eating disorders.


Jen - September 23

I'm not currently pregnant, but I am trying to conceive. I have struggled with eating disorders for about 14 years now,,,it is so tough! Hang in there and just keep positive about the beautiful life growing inside of you. I often wonder how I am going to handle being pregnant, I'm doing well now, but as you probably know, new stresses can make the disorder get worse. Just keep talking to people you trust about what you are is so hard to understand the disorder unless you have been there. Good Luck and congrats on the baby!


Cathy - September 23

KL, I feel for you. My best friend is bulimic and I know how hard it is on your bodies. I know that the out of control feeling you have can result in restricting. Pleae do seek help with the ED clinic. My friend has been there, she spent months there, she is doing well now, not having symptoms quite so often. You really need to continue to focus on the baby. I wish I could be of more help, I know this is a disease and other that don't believe that will get on here and tell you off. Please just stick to your guns, eat healthy and take your vitamins. The best thing you can do is speak to a counselor. Are you married? Your husband could be of great help right now. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you go through this difficult journey. I pray that you have the strength you need to endure this. Good luck


to jen - September 23

please don't ttc until you have your ed under control with a therapist. It is the responsible way to go....


M - September 23

I dont have an eating disorder but i am pregnant and trust me the baby will make you so hungry it hurts and you well want to eat. Once you see the baby growing inside of you,you will want to do everything you can to keep it safe.I think you will do fine and goodluck


Stephanie - September 23

Hi KL, I was diagnosed with Anorexia and Bulimia when I was 12, I am 24 now. I can totally relate to what you are feeling and all the things that you are doing- the weighing,etc. I am almost 8 weeks pregnant now. I am so happy like you. My husband and I have been trying for only 4 months when our first miracle happened. We then lost our baby. We are now pregnant again, and everyday I struggle to make sure that what I am doing is healthy for our baby. I worry at times that I may miscarry because of all the torture I put my body through. When I was young I had no idea that my health would be at risk when I was older. What I do is journal everyday to myself and to our unborn child. I write and tell how mommy is feeling and going through. I find this helps for me. I also place a food list on the fridge , just a guideline so that I have something to follow. I have had morning sickness since last week, so eating was a definite struggle. Today is the first day that I actually have been able to keep all my food down. My tummy feels really good. I too picture my baby, and how much I want our child to be happy and healthy. I pray everyday that we do not lose this child. I just hope that my body is strong enough. ED thoughts are so hard. The voices in my head sure know what to say and when to say it. I plainly tell them to be quite, and try to distract myself.Yours and mine , and everyone elses' baby needs our nourishment and love to survive. Knowing that keeps me going and staying strong.


Mariah - September 23

Hi I am almost 37 weeks pregnant. I have an ed. I have never been at a really dangerous low weight but before I was pregnant I was 110 and still trying to go down. I have been just telling myself that I don't have the choice to not eat. As far as being in control,you can still be in control of what you eat. You can make a list and count the calories that you take in but just eat really good things that will help your baby grow but it will help you stay away from gaining allot of extra weight. Eat things like whole grains,greens,fruits,protien. You can also do walking and some yoga maybe to help keep you in shape. Just remember there is nothing more beautiful than life growing inside of you. Give it your all and let this be your time to eat and feel full,let that full feeling be a good feeling because you know your baby is full and happy. I hope this helps some. You can always email me at [email protected]


to kl - September 25

Drink lots of milk, eat three meals a day and whenever u are hungry otherwise u will have a very sick baby and if u deprive yourself of food thru thinking 'oh im fat' be prepared for a brain damaged, undernourished baby, starve yourself again once you pop him or her out and in the meantime dont be an idiot cause you dont have the right to starve your baby, i hated being pregnant and putting on weight but its not about you anymore and i am basically sick of reading about anorexics and bulimics making babies, you aren't quite right in the head enough to be raising a child. You need to be well first. It really is laughable though, anorexics having babies, thats like men having babies, it shouldn't happen. Stop thinking oh im fat and eat some food for christ sake for your child and if anyone replies saying oh u dont know how hard it is etc etc i have been there too but i came to my senses and stopped being an idiot and hurting myself but this was all pre pregnancy, a few yrs prior... Eat a meal kl and get real, u are responsible for another which is scary as u cant even take care of yourself. God help your child and i hope u eat something for their sake.


KL - September 26

Thank you so much to everybody who's responded with helpful comments, some of your ideas are really useful! I've been doing really well, went back to the doctors today and I'm now a healthy weight, which is frightening but good. I especially like the idea of keeping a journal, and have already been on the same lines as Stephanie; I have a food list on the fridge so that I know I'm getting the right combination of healthy food, and I can see how much I'm eating throughout the day (stops me from looking back and thinking "eek, I pigged out!") Whoever wrote the last post under the name "to kl"...I don't think you read my post properly. I AM eating healthily; I was looking for advice on how to cope with having ED thoughts and battling against ED behaviours. I'm afraid I don't believe that you ever went through this yourself, as if you had you would have a much better understanding of the fact that it is an illness, not a choice. I'll reiterate my original points, as you obviously didn't take in anything I had written; I am eating healthily, I'm being referred to a clinic to have help from a counsellor and a nutritionist, and I am fighting to get better. Your reply was not informed or helpful. I have been told by doctors that I am capable of being an excellent mother; a nurse told me that I'm actually being much healthier than a lot of people who don't have ED's, as I do have very strict control over my intake; I am very careful to eat all the right foods that will give my baby the best start. (No danger of an undernourished or brain damaged baby here, but thanks for your 'concern'). Please, anyone else who wants to start an argument, please don't post on this thread. And could I ask that people don't try to argue with "to kl", as I really don't want this thread to turn into a debate. It's totally unhelpful and triggering to anyone with an ED who reads this, so I'd really prefer only helpful and informed posts. Thanks.


bump - October 5




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