Anyone Ever Been On Bedrest

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Lynn - June 16

Why did you have to go on bedrest? and for how long? How far along were you when you went on bedrest? Do you think there was anything you could have done to prevent it? What was it like...were you able to get on the computer, move from couch to bed.. or did you literally have to stay in bed all day except to pee?


Sam - June 16

At 12 weeks I started bleeding really heavily. I went to the ER, they did a million tests, and couldn't figure out what caused it. So on precaution, they put me on bedrest for a week. No getting vertical for any reason other than going to the bathroom and doing these sitting exercises twice a day. That's it. It was so boring. My mom had to come down for the week to feed me and stuff. I don't know if that's the norm or what, but I feel for the women who are on bedrest their entire pregnancies!!!!!


Jenny - June 16

I was on bed rest at the beginning of 5months.I was going through some pain at school and nurse told me go see my dr right away. I was 17 and senior in school had co-op, went to work and on weekends visit my bf ( now Husband) I ended in the Er and put on bedrest the rest of pregancy. I dr siad I was almost diliting and could go into prelabor. The dr made quit my job, had home school through my school. I still able to move around the house though. The dr said it was fine.


Julz - June 16

In my last pregnancy when I was about 28 wks. I started going into pre-term labor. So the Dr. put me on strict bedrest for the rest of the pregnancy. I wasn't allowed to do anything for myself. I even had to be supervised to take a shower, and my showers were limited to 5 mins. It was aweful. I know alot of women dream of getting to be off work and stay home for the duration of their pregnancy, but I can tell you that it is WAY over-rated. I was miserable. I am now 7 1/2 wks pregnant, and I am going to do anything possible to stay off of bedrest this time around.


kEEKEE - June 16

Yes I have been on bedrest before. It was so boring. I couldn't do anything. I hate sitting around, but I got a beatiful little boy out of it. I was put on bedrest at 4 months along......Talk to your doctor and ask him or her what you are limited to do. Good Luck!!!!


Lynn - June 16

Do any of you feel that you could have done something different to prevent bedrest?


-m - June 16

I am now 31 weeks pregnant but when I was about 25 weeks my doctor put me on bedrest because my blood pressure was going up even though I'm taking medication for high blood pressure. I was on bedrest for a week then my blood pressure went down and they let me off. I was only aloud to get up to use the bathroom and to take a shower. I was aloud to either sit up or lay down and if I wanted to change my location I had to wait till I used the bathroom then did it on the way back. I don't work so I didn't have to quit a job. It was a big shock though because I usually do everything around the house from cooking and cleaning while my husband works. But thankfully my husband was able to work form home while I was on bedrest, he was a huge help. But it was still awful just knowing that you can't get up and just have to sit there all day trying to find something to do! But I have a laptop so that helped a lot. My blood pressure is still being monitored and I'm praying that I don't have to go back on bedrest, it is the worst, but I'll do it if I have to. Good Luck to you!


kEEKEE - June 16

Nope!!!! I had no choice. I had preeclampsia with both of my pregnancies.......Listen to your doctor. I know someone that didn't listen and lost the baby. Let your DH and family do all the work. You should be treated like a queen. You're pregnant!!!......heehee......I hope you feel better soon. Good Luck!!!


Lynn - June 17

I am 16 weeks and am being treated for high blood pressure.. that is kinda why I asked... I plan on cuttng work down to 4 days a weeks beginning at week 25 and then if the dc says to cut back even more I will do that too... Thanks for all your input ladies!



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