Anyone Ever Had Puppp Very Annoying Rash

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Lissi - September 14

Hi, everyone! I just wondered if anyone else had suffered with this awful rash which is apparently unique to pregnant women? I'm not seeing a doctor til Friday, but I just want to compare symptoms. It started a week ago, with very sore itchy stretchmarks on the lower belly. The stetchmarks have now mostly merged together so the whole area looks very red. Then 2 days ago, I started to get a few itchy raised bumps on my thighs and today, it's spread to my ankles and feet and a few bumps on the backs of my hands. Having looked up the symtoms, I'm pretty sure this is what I have, and it's harmless. Just wanted to know what those with experience think and if there was anything you found particually useful for the itching. I'm using Witch Doctor, which is the best thing so far. Any suggestions? Thanks.


. - September 14



Susan - September 21

I had the rash with my last pregnancy and it won't go away until you give birth no matter what you do. Birth is the cure. I was able to take Benedryl, but it didn't help much. The good thing is that it won't spread to your face and that it is harmless. My rash started on my lower belly and spread to my feet, legs, arms and hands. I was pretty miserable, but it literally started to disappear while I was still in the hospital and was gone completely in about 2 weeks after I delivered. Good luck!


Lissi - September 21

My rash actually got worse after delivery. I think it may have been aggravated by the tropical heat of the maternity ward. Three days after the birth, it was so bad that I could barely walk. My feet and ankles were very swollen and covered in intensely itchy bumps, which turned to blisters and oozed when I walked. I had it in a milder form on every part of my body, except my face. So many doctors and midwives haven't heard of it. I had to tell them what it was! My doc gave my hydrocortizone (sp?) cream and piriton tablets. It's finally starting to improve! You can imagine how great I felt when visitors were arriving, unanounced to take pictures of me with the baby! Lol!


nhb - September 21

I had this horrible rash too--showed up at 37 weeks, and my doctor luckily induced me at 38; it definitely got worse for me during my hospital stay as well! I had it from belly to my toes, worst around my stretch marks, and around my ankles/feet. Even though I got an epidural, this rash was so strong, I could still feel itches even while the epidural was preventing my feeling the contractions!! It finally cleared up completely about 3.5 weeks after delivery. So best of luck, I'm just praying I don't get it again! And yes, it is HORRIBLE--it's so itchy and uncomfortable, and then they blister and mine oozed too b/c they'd pop on my ankles and feet when I tried to walk. The after labor/birth pains were nothing compared to that rash, I was up walking the next morning (I had my son @ 8:28 pm) at like 5:30, but had to have help b/c my legs and ankles and feet were so swollen from the rash. I feel for you!


Lissi - September 21

At last! Some fellow sufferers! Nobody I speak to seems to have even heard of it! It sucks doesn't_t?! My feet look like they belong to the elephant man! Just so glad to know, it does eventually disappear!


Lissi - September 21

nhb, they say it's rare to get it with second pregnancies, so hopefully you'll be ok. Fingers crossed for you!


nhb - September 21

I'm keeping my fingers crossed too--thanks for the help! I actually have a collagen disorder (Ehler's-Danlos Syndrome) and the most likely explanation that I read for PUPPPS is that it's an allergic reaction to the collagen in the stretch marks (of course they don't know for sure what it is)--so now I'm worried that I'm doubly likely to get it since I already have the collagen issue. Thanks again for the encouragement!


Sara - September 22

Is that what it is called, pupp? I have noticed I have developed a rash at the bottom of my belly and to the right side. It is spreading each day, and I am only 22 weeks! When will it disappear. I dont go to see my OBGYN until 4 weeks from now. Is there anything I can do in the meantime? Is it ok to use cortisone cream on it? What am I going to do? Someone help, please. Thanks all


Lissi - September 22

Sara, get a doctor to look at it as soon as possible. Some women are unlucky enough to get it at 20-something weeks. Whatever you do, DON'T SCRATCH!!! It makes it so much worse, though I know the urge is unbearable sometimes. Don't take hot baths or showers, and just try to stay as cool as possible. If it is PUPPP, there really isn't any cure exept delivery, but cortisone creams do help. It's best to check with the Doctor, that it's safe to use whilst pregnant though. I've also been prescribed piriton tablets, but I'm not sure if they're ok to use whilst pregant either. Some women have found herbal treatments and oatmeal baths that ease it. Have a look at this site, to read other people's advice, stories and photos of the condition.


Lissi - September 22

Sara, take out the stupid dashes after com and htm. I don't know why they appeared. That should take you to the site. :) Hope you don't have it, but if you do, remember it isn't permanent, and you're not alone. Good luck!


Mary - September 22

I just saw your post! OMG! I got PUPPS at 32 weeks, that is almost a month ago and I have been in agony for a good part of it. I have bumps from the belly down into my legs, underarms, back of neck. I tried every over the counter cream, Benadryl, etc. After much trial and error this is what is working for me the best (I am not rash free or itch free, but they are well under control): Someone here posted that Grandpa's Pine Tar soap was a lifesaver, and it truly is - it dries out the bumps big time and diminishes the itch. My daily lotion: Tea Tree Oil - about 5 drops dissolved in 1 oz of water - with a cotton ball wet your itchy spots and let air dry (it is itchy as it dries). I did this 2-3 times per day and in about 4 days the bumps dried out and the itch was almost not there anymore. DO NOT scratch, not even once or all the progress in the scratched area will be lost. When desperate because the itch is umbearable: ice packs will do the trick. By now I am used to my routine of taking cool showers with the tar soap and using the tea tree oil on me daily. I itch all the time (lightly) and just ignore it. The bumps have not move forward once I stopped scratching all together. I am sorry to hear you got PUPPS and I also heard it can get worse after birth. My doctor said it will take 4 to 6 weeks after delivery to see it go away. :)


Sonya - September 22

Lissi, I am so glad you asked. I know all of these other girls said there is no cure, but I did find one. I searched the internet for an entire week non stop until I found one. Try this.... Grandpa's Pine Tar Soap. You can get it at health food stores and I believe your pharmacy can order it. It is very cheap ($3.25) and cured my rash in less than a week. I couldn't believe it. I had this rash with my first pregnancy and was so devastated when I got it again. I got it much earlier this time (33 weeks) and was not gonna suffer that long. I started using the soap several times a day on a Sunday and by Thursday it was gone!!!!! My Dr. was amazed and even spread the word to his colleagues. Good Luck.


Mary to Sonya - September 22

Sonya - I think it was you that let me know about this soap - if you read my post I also suggest using using it - however in my case it has not gotten rid of the rash, but it has made it much better. You are lucky that it went away for you!


Sonya - September 22

Mary-Yes, I did read your post, but not until after I posted my response. Sorry. I read several but then just posted. I am sorry it hasn't completly cured your rash. I wonder if it has anything to do with how bad your rash is when you start using the soap. Mine hadn't spread from my belly yet so I think catching it early might be the trick. Good Luck.


mary to Sonya - September 22

That makes sense because the soap stopped it from progressing. It is not the best smelling soap but such a lifesaver. Thanks so much for let me know about it, btw. It has made a world of difference, you have made a mommy to be a much happier one! :)


Christy - September 29

I've been suffering with this condition for over 2 weeks, and went have talked with my doctor twice so far. The first thing she did was prescribe me with Claritin, which did not work. Yesturday, she prescribed me Fluocinonide ointment and in 24 hours I am 50% better, and slept a solid 5 hours strait for the first time since I got this awful rash. It is a steroid ointment - but it is a miracle, I thought I was gonna lose my mind with itching. Good luck to anyone who gets this unfortunate condition!!



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