Anyone Ever Went To Fetal Focus

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Nat - March 17

There is a place in the mall near my home called Fetal Focus, it's a place where you can get an ultrasound although it costs a lot of money (not sure how much) because i don't think insurance covers it....has anyone ever done this? Is it worth the money? My doctor told me she wont give me an ultrasound until I'm 20 weeks, I hear about all you guys getting them around 8 wks or 12 wks...I'm now 13 weeks and I want to see what my baby looks like! I'm so impatient...I don't want to wait 7 more weeks! if anyone knows any info on these Fetal Focus places, I'd really appreciate it....thanks...


Donna - March 17

your Dr told you that you cant have an ultra sound until 20weeks? thats odd ive never heard that before.. usually people have there ultrasound 14weeks and another at 20 weeks, very weird..i'd ask your Dr again and ask the reason why she cant give you one until then.. i wouldnt go paying loads to have an ultrasound because at the end of the day your supose to have one at around 14 weeks if im correct...


Rachel* - March 17

Nat, I am considering the same thing because of the same reasons. I found some places local to me by doing a google search for "3d ultrasounds" and then type in your city. The ones around here (So. Cal) cost around $150 for the basic and go up to $250 for the ones that include a video tape. Hope this helps.


Nat - March 17

Yeah thats where I am So. Cal....Corona to be exact...I wonder why they don't give us u/s till 20 weeks out here????


Rachel* - March 17

My doctor said they aren't necessary, unless there seems to be a concern/complication, until 20 weeks. He's been my OBGYN for a couple of years now and I trust him. For curiosity sake, I want to see it sooner though. It would be great to find out the s_x sooner too :)


Donna - March 17

Im from the UK so things are different here, im not sure how it all works where you are from :)


Nat - March 17

Yeah my doctor said it wasn't necessary too...but I just wanna peek! it may not me necessary but I'm sure it's comforting to see it!


Missy - March 17

Rachel and Nat - I am here in So Cal - Anahiem to be exact - and I have had three US so far and am only 11.5 weeks. I would ask your doctors why they don't want to give you US. It could also have to do with your insurance plan, you may want to check into that as well.


MIZTATI1 - April 8

I got an ultra sound yesterday and they couldn't tell the s_x of the baby because of the way the baby was positioned. So I called fetal movement and setup an appointment, It's $30 on the weekday and $50 on the weekend. At 28 weeks they can do a 3-D ultrasound, which starts at $120.


carrie - April 11

with my first preg. they didn't do an ultrasound til 21wks. if your preg is normal and going smoothly, some dr.'s don't do them. i don't know if the 3D place will do them this early either. our 3D place said they do them between 28-36 weeks.


dianna - April 14

I went to the same place and it was actually better than the ultrasound at my doctor's office. I only paid $30 ( special only on week days)just wait. you can't determin the s_x of the baby untill 20 weeks any how. what ever the s_x is you will not be able to tell because boys genitalia looks just like girls. Just wait it will be worth it. I,m due in June and IT'S A GIRL!


Carolina - May 19

I'm considering going to fetal focus to have an ultrasound. (I'm in Corona too) I just want to know if it's safe?


amie - May 19

hi this is my first , just finished 2nd month, my doc gave only one u/s at 6th week and she said next will be in 6th month !!!! I was so disappointed , i would like t have one during 18-19 weeks to know the s_x, i m curious also can make sure if the baby is growing properly, but she said no way before seppt! i will talk again next visit thats next month, i hope she syas yes, if no should i goto fetal movement? plse suggest


monica - May 19

does fetal movement need permission from your doctor to have it done?


m - May 19

if you're young, and there's no complications, Dr's just don't do the u/s thing. The important one for their records is the 20 week u/s. Gives the Dr. all the measurements needed to see if baby is progressing normally. the 3D u/s is very cool. I had an amnio at 16 wks and during the u/s (to find the best place for the needle) the tech used her magic wand and produced an image on the screen. I did not know it was MY little girl! i thought it was a screen saver. I said "is that a screen saver?" she said Nope, that's YOUR baby!" It was so NEAT! I had tears of joy!


Kristy - June 14

It's better to wait at least 20 weeks as the baby is more developed if your going to pay alot of money to see the baby. I myself am pregnant and I am waiting until I am 28 weeks to get this one done since I have to pay for it. I'd rather see the baby much more developed. Just remember they won't do it if your past 32 weeks. Goodluck!


JenniferB - June 14

My doctor asked me if I wanted one at 6 weeks. My gosh we pay out the nose for our health insurance. I would be p__sed if my doctor didn't let me have one until 20 weeks.



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