Anyone From Alberta

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Meghan - October 18

Is there anyone from the St. Albert/Edmonton area of Alberta? I've seen some of you around before, so I know you've got to be out there. My question is this; I've never been to an ob-gyn, and I'm not sure what I'm suppose to look for in a good obstetrician. I'd prefer a female ob-gyn though, but the phone book has mostly Edmonton listings. I don't drive and neither does my boyfriend, and I'd rather not go too far into Edmonton by myself. If anyone can recommend a good ob-gyn to seek out, in or around St. Albert, it would be greatly appreciated.


Charlene - October 18

I am in Calgary, so not of any help, but I thought there were a few of you from EDM area under a post - anyone from Canada...I think this might be in the 2nd trimester board. Luckily, I had a friend who recomended her OB. I used to want only female dr's but have had a few surgeries and they have been male - now it does not necessarily matter as long as they are good and we have a good relationship.


Beth - October 18

I have a great obgyn but I'm in Edmonton, talk to your family doc and see if they can recommend someone to you, or if you have any friends that are doc's or nurses they generally know who's the best around town, and look for recommendations from randomn people around, either preggo's or people with young children. Hope this helps..Good luck and congrats!


:) - October 18

Hehe. At first I read this as 'Anyone for Alberta'! I thought you were talking about naming your kid that! Thank goodness I read it wrong!


N - October 18

Hi Meghan, I am in edmonton but I am delivering at the sturgeon in st. albert. I don't know if my doctor sees patients from st. albert because his office is in edmonton. If you are low-risk though I know there is the St. Albert Low Risk Clinic.. I am not sure what the address is, (I am sure it's in the phone book) but I went to the one in edmonton with my first and they were all female doctors (many of the doctor's I saw there also work at the clinic in st. albert). The only problem is that you usually see a different doctor for each visit, but on the plus side, no matter who is on duty when you go into labour, you will know them. Another option is just to call the sturgeon and ask for a list of doctor's who work there and which one's see patients in St. Albert. The nurses in the maternity ward there are really nice and have always been very helpful whenever I have called. You'll love it there, it's a really nice hospital. I think they still have a birthing pool if you are interested. Congrats on your baby, I hope you find a good doctor.


Chelsey - October 19

Hey Charlene, you are still around? Any baby yet? Soon?


Charlene - October 19

Chelsey, I am due early March - so a ways to go yet!! How far along are you?


Chelsey - October 19

Oh noo no, had baby! Just remember you from a little while back, from a thread about introducing everyone.... I'm from Calgary too, thats why I remember you!


Meghan - October 21

Charlene - Thank you, I'll definately check for that thread! Hopefully it'll help :) Beth - I don't have a family doctor, and I'm new to Alberta, so I don't know many people, but I'll be sure to ask around, thanks! N - I've never heard of the Low Risk Clinic, but it sounds great, and I never thought to call the Sturgeon. I'll try to find the address to that clinic. Thanks so much!


Charlene - October 21

Chelsey - Congrats - how long ago? Where did you deliver? My OB is at the Foothills and came highly recomended.


chelsey - October 21

Charlene - I delivered at Rockeyview. I have a almost 4 year old daughter, and my son is just over 3 months old. They were both delivered there. (Even though I live in the NW) My doctor was down in Southland! What part of the city are you in?


Charlene - October 21

Chelsey, I also live in the NW and I was torn between the Peter Lougheed and Foothills. It just ended up that the Dr recomended to me was at the Foothills. I think we are a bit closer to the Foothills anyway.


chelsey - October 21

Charlene - We are closer to the Foothills too! I dont suppose you live in the Crowfoot area?


L - October 29

Hi Meghan - I'm in Edmonton. My ob is at the links clinic - not too far from St. Albert - it's right around westmount. His name is Dr. Sandy Brown and he is AMAZING. I was VERY upset about having to go to a guy ob at first too but have really come to be just fine with it - he's great. If you can get in to see him, do it! You won't regret it!!


N - October 29

hey L, My GP is out of the links clinic too. I didn't think any of the doctor's from the links clinic delivered in st. albert at the sturgeon though, I thought they all delivered at the Royal Alex.


Meghan - November 5

Thanks everyone. :] I made my appointment, for next week.. I had to make a bunch of calls and I kept getting referred to other people.. But I got it. It's nerve-wracking having to wait. Wish me luck! :]



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