Anyone From Colorado Springs

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mavis - January 26

We moved to colorado from Texas spring , 06. But we have been moving around becuase my DH's job.So we never had chance to build a network. Now we are moving to colorado springs , and i am close to my 2nd trimester.Being pregnant , I realize a network ofsupport is really important. Anyone care to share their experience with me?


squished - January 27

It's too bad that the timing wasn't a little different! We just moved from Colorado Springs to FL about 10 days ago and I'm about 15w. I feel the same way as you do, b/c I'm in a new town and we know absolutely nobody down here and I can still call my friends about things, but it's different when you can go to lunch with someone or compare stomachs! I don't know where you can meet other preggos. A big thing for us was going out for drinks with friends and now that's on hold, so for some reason it's hard to meet people now :). Also, when I meet someone I don't want to break out with, hi I'm Kelly and I'm pregnant. I hear that you meet some couples in lamaze cla__s, but I don't want to wait that long. Have fun in the Springs. It's actually a great town and apparently this winter, a great place for playing in the snow :). If you want to know anything about the springs just let me know! And good luck!


mavis - January 27

hi squished, thanks for your reply. Too bad I can't get to meet you in Colo springs! the most important thing is to find a Ob doctor in the Springs for me. Any recommendation? How about any good place to eat in the springs? Thanks again


Marissa1 - January 28

I am from the Springs!!! I could tell you all kinds of things! For starters, I used to love to eat at Jose Mullduns. That is were me husband propesed to me!!


squished - January 28

My doc in Springs was Dr. Brinkman with Colorado Springs Health Partners. She is fantastic!! A great place for breakfast is the Egg & I. It's on Academy across from the Chapel Hills mall, in the shopping center next to Burger King. And like Marissa said Jose Muldoons is good too!


squirrely4 - January 29

Well i'm from Loveland CO. which is about 1 1/2 hour drive from there... I"m not preg yet, but husband and i are trying, if you need anything just let me know.


mavis - January 29

thanks everyone, it's such a great place to meet poeple. By the way,squished, mind if i ask for Dr.Brinkman's phone number? or maybe a website will do. Thanks again



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