Anyone Get Married While Pg Advice Plz

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ilovechris - March 24

I have not seen a Dr. yet but I think I am like 4 wks. We are engaged but we have no idea when or where we should get married. I am sooo happy to be pg., I was just wondering, since I only have about a 4 month window before I get big, and it will be hard to throw a wedding together in that time, should I just flaunt the belly or try to scramble. Waiting til after the baby's born is NOT an option for me, since we were going to get married anyways, and since my parents will kick my butt! lol any advice girls?


Julie - March 24

Start ASAP if you start planning now you can get married in June or July. I think you can do it. If this is your first pregnancy you probably won't show until 5 months. Good luck.


Maleficent - March 24

elope! :o) seriuosly, you can work it out. i put a wedding together in less than two months. it's stressful, but it can be done. congrats on the baby and the wedding!


Kelly K - March 24

I'm in the same boat. We're just going to have a small wedding now and do a celebration later down the road for all of the friends. I want to be able to party party so we're going to wait until the baby is born.


PP - March 24

I was not pregannt but I did elope and It was great!!! I went to Niagara Falls and had a white dress wedding and I stayed at the most wonderful bed and breakfast. The owner got me a pastor, photographer, and videographer. The whole ting was under 1000 bucks and it was perfect. We stayed a week and had so much fun it was the best time in my life. If you want my advice save your dad the wedding money, you'll get it as a gift and have a small affair and enjoy your husband not the affair.


Michelle - March 24

I planned my wedding in 2 months, for about 100 people. Finding hte dress is the hardest part! I was 7 weeks preg when we married, and it was such a happy few weeks finding out we were preg and getting married. Let us know what you decide!


Jennifer - March 24

You can plan the wedding in a few months, like Michelle said finding the dress is the hardest part. Just make some phone calls and get booking. Have fun, you don't need to stress about this, just enjoy it.


ilovechris - March 24

THANK YOU ALL! Your advice is very helpful, I have been worried, especially since we have yet to tell our parents, (I am 19 and he is 20) and I don't think my parents will help out w/ the wedding since they have like no $ anyway, haha. But I think maybe we will just have a small wedding, w/ the recpt. at a restaurant maybe(?)


ilovechris - March 24

also, I have a couple more questions (I'm sorry I am being greedy here! lol) : does anyone know what the Catholic church's procedure is in this situation? thanks!


Jennifer - March 24

I am also catholic, and I have a child with another man, and I just got married in September, I thought that could cause a problem, but it didn't at all. Really if you are just a few weeks pregnant. Why would they need to know.


meri - March 24

Congrats!! My friend found out she was prego and had to get married right away also!! she was able to plan the wedding in 3 months, and she was married when she was 5 months pregnant... You couldnt even tell, when you are looking for a dress try to find something that maybe laces in the back to give yourself the room and are more comfortable =) good luck


Just a thought? - March 24

Catholic? Aren't you supposed to wait until after marriage to have s_x? Also if your boyfriend cheated on you and didn't tell you, you would consider it lying by omision so by not saying anything like Jenifer recomended wouldn't you be lying to God? I know that you Catholics can just go confess and everything will be fine though so I guess it doesn't matter. I am glad that your church doesn't care about those behaviors for you sake. Oh and mos times catholic people go through relationship counciling prior to marriage and that is supposed to be a process of many session from what I understand. Who knows though I am sure they would forgive you and you could say a few hail mary's for forgetting that counciling part with your morals.


Laura - March 24

Just ignore "just a thought's'' post. People get pregnant before they're married all the time. By getting married it shows that you have morals. Your relationship with God or whoever you pray to is none of anyone elses buisness. I wish you good luck and hope your wedding is wonderful.


toes - March 24

Hi! not one of the girls, but my wife and I got married when she was just under 2 months pregnant. The worst part was the dress, since she'd picked it out already and was going for alterations on almost a daily basis the week before the wedding--her b___bs just wouldn't stop growing, even that early (she'd always been an A, so we were both rather pleased). It would've been a lot easier to have eloped, but we'd been engaged for a couple months already and gotten things set up. It's all pretty much up to your body type and how you want to look on your wedding day.


ilovechris - March 24

thank you guys! I checked out a few sites w/ maternity wedding dresses, but I think I might just buy a regular one. I am pretty small now, (then again, u never know!) so if we can scramble this wedding together before June I think we'll be fine. thanks guys!


rheanna - March 24

i will be 6 and a half months pregnant on my wedding day and i would not change a thing. just think, your baby will be there. i am very Catholic, but am not ashamed. My dress will even show off my stomach. i tried on dresses that hide it and they look really aweful. do not worry too much because this is your special day. enjoy it


Daisy Jean - March 25

Try an empire waist dress. They are very flattering and there's a little extra belly room.



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