Anyone Had Implantation Bleeding Please Help

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Linz - March 21

Hi, I was due for af on march 17. I'm on cycle day 37. I haven't had af since February 13. My cycles are somewhat irregular. I've just stated noting my cycles on my calendar since January. Since Friday evening, I've been having clear cervical mucus with a tinge of brown in it..and also had it with a tinge of pink. Usually only 2 or 3 times a day when I wipe. I took a hpt this am with fmu and it was negative. I'm only 4 days late, but the test was 25miu sensitivity...what's going on? was this implantation bleeding and it's still a little early. Mind you I ovulate later in my cycle. I o'd on the 7th of march. I would greatly appreciate any info on this...I can't seem to get anyone to answer my ?'s. Not even grandpa Viv! Please respond!!!! :(


lindsey - March 21

Forgot to mention: I feel like af is coming, and when I go to the bathroom it's just cm. Also having cramping (mild) and mild lower back pain as well. My nipples have been 'tingly' too. Just the one though. Should I call doc and get blood work or wait it out??


BUMP - March 21



Liz - March 21

Sure sounds VERY encouraging. I never had implantation bleeding w/ first preg (7 years ago) I did have to test twice though. Wait a couple more days and test in a.m. again-I know it's torture waiting! Great luck!


Lindsey To Liz - March 21

thanks for responding! I GREATLY appreciate it. Still having cm..actually wore a panty liner, but it's still only when I wipe. I jus wish she would either show, or i get a positive! I've been praying alot, so maybe time will tell. Thank you Liz. I'll keep you posted! I'm on cycle day 37...that's the longest I've ever gone w/o af. Talk to you soon!


Liz - March 22

Any news yet? I hope if you test tomorrow you'll get your positive!


Alma - March 22

You're experiencing the same thing I did in November. I bled during implantation, the same way you described it. I took a hpt the next day and it was negative (it also was a sensitive hpt). I took a second test about a week and a half later and it was positive. It sounds like you may be preg. but take another hpt in about a week and a half to make sure. Good luck with everything!!


Aimmee - March 23

I think I might have had implantation bleeding too. Got a very light browinsh period in Feb, and of course nothing in March and the preg test I took last week said I was prego. How do you determine your due date? Oct. or Nov. Help needed with due date


Jennifer - March 23

Aimmee....What was the first day of your last period???


louise - March 23

aimee count 40 weeks from the first day of your last period, and that is when your baby is due.


lindsey to liz - March 23

hey girl..well, finally got 'af'..bummer, but i'm not stressing about it. now that i'm charting i'm getting a better understanding of my cycles..we've got lots of bd'ing to do in a week or so!!!!


Liz - March 23

Sorry to hear that. Have fun Bd'ing and great luck this time!!! : )


Aimmee - March 24

Thanks for your responses on fig out my due date. So....if I'm doing this right I use January 20th and not Feb's light period on the 10th? I have an MD apptmt in a couple of weeks so I guess my real due date would be determined, but the suspense is killing me being that this preg is #5.


Jennifer - March 24

Aimmee....If you use January 20th, then your due date would be October 27


Aimmee - March 24

Jennifer, thanks so much for your help with due date. You have been a great help with my confusion. Never had any kinds of periods with my other preg so I was a bit worried with this since it has never happened.



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