Anyone Have A Boxer Puppy

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Maddie - April 29

Hi, we recently adopted the cutest little boxer puppy...Tyson. Problem is, our baby is due in June! So...does anyone have any experience with a baby and a boxer dog? I love boxers they really are sweet, sweet, dogs but they're SO clumsy...I'm scared his big paws are going to accidentally knock the baby over or something. My parents said they'd take him, which is probably what's going to happen but what about when Tyson comes to visit us, and our you think he'll want to eat it??


NickieDo - April 29

I have exp with boxers and pit bulls (another wonderful misrepresented breed) I would take him to petsmart and get him in some basic obediance, and play baby sounds, like cries and giggles to get him used to it. (The training will help tremendously!!!) And you should be able to keep him :)


L - April 30

We have a 4 year old boxer that and a a 3 year old daughter. We didnt have any problems we trained him ourselves teaching him to be easy around kids and he listens good but when our daughter was little we didnt leave them in a room alone together...though he wouldnt hurt her on purpose he is abig dog and if he played rough he could hurt her.. she dose everything to him like ride on him take his toys, pull his ears and has bit him plenty of times and he lays there and and takes it.. he has never got aggressive with her.


Lynn - April 30

Boxers are wonderful family dogs. I have a 4 year old boxer/pit mix. she too is clumsy but EXTREMELY protective.


dena engelking - May 9

hello mam,my name is dena im from ft.campbell base.boxers are wonderful. ive raised boxers from ma__sena ny all the way to ky.and then some.out of 5 brothers and sisters 3 of us have them.2 each.and my boxer bonnie is pregnant for the 5th the key is with a boxer and a baby.make sure you put your boxer next to the baby .and over and over tell your dog this is a baby.then have your pup smell the baby all the time to keep your childs scent .as for my boxer shes 7 yrs old.i would always lay my kids next to her.and say watch the baby.she would put her paw on them and guard them.we taught her never to growl,bite or hurt in any way.boxers are very emotional dogs they liked to be around people at all times.if you leave your hm to go shopping or other thing.just remember to turn your tv on.they like niose and it helps keep them calm at all times.if youve ever noticed when you leave your hm,and you come hm and your house is a because you didnt leave a radio or tv for me ive always thought female boxers to be better with children.and yes males are clumsy.just a reminder though boxers are prone to heart and liver problems ok..boxers like to run,love anything thats colorful.yoys that sqeek,plus always brush there teeth.if not they tend to fall out sooner than any other dog.and never,never,never give them ryehide chew bones.they have a hard time digesting them and tend to choke.give them pig ears instead.just a reminder dont take a flash light and point it at to chase it cuz of the much of it cause s heart when it comes to your home they feel that there boss when another dog comes onto your yard.if your ever outside with your child and another dog comes that dog will be shredded.also boxer tend to get tumors on there neck when they get olde.if your dog does just have it removed ok.if you tend to dock your dog ears and tail make sure you do it before they reach a year when your pup gets older and you want it to mate with a female just remember the more white that a pup has in it doesnt seem to make it ..any other questions just email me at [email protected]


Maddie - May 9

Wow! Dena, thanks so much for all the info.! I really love our little pup. His name is Tyson, and he's about 6 months old (I think). His ears were never clipped and niether was his tail, so we're just gonna let him stary "au naturale" =) Besides, his floppy ears are oh so cute! They always get flopped backwards, and he doesn't care at all. He is just now starting to get housetrained cause I have him on a schedule, right when we get up, and before bed. It was a nightmare at first...and he would pee like a racehorse! Anyway...I will defintately email you with any questions, thanks again.


Jenn... - May 9

When I was a kid we had a boxer. She was the best dog, so gentle towards us kids, but a good watch dog too. She loved playing fetch and swimming in the river with us. Always remember though, no matter how gentle your dog may be, you can never trust them completely. I hate those episodes of Oprah where the parents let the kid play with the dog in the back yard and the baby gets hurt. I am not saying that would happen with your Tyson, he may be your babies best friend like my boxer was - you just have to keep a watchful eye always. Best of luck with your two new additions :)


bobbie - May 16

hi we have two boxers and i have a 2 and 6 year old and a baby due next month. all you have to do is train them make sure they are easy with your kids our boxer is 6 months and 2 months and they are very good ans easy with them. they are good dogs you have nothing to worry about.



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