Anyone Have Any Good Stories

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wondering... - July 13

Hi ladies. I am here to ask that anyone might share their wonderful stories about childbirth. This is my second baby and it seems like whenever i'm pregnant, all i ever hear are horror stories about labour/delivery and how awful it was, and i refuse to believe it's all bad (i have a child, i know it was the greatest day of my life). So if anyone has anything nice to share, please do, i don't think i'm the only one that needs to be reminded about how amazing it to have a baby.


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - July 13

Although my birth stories weren't fairytale perfect, the end result was. I have 2 beautiful little ones, and all the stress and pain I went through was definitely worth it. :o)


Katharine - July 13

My birth was an extremely empowering experience. It was amazing to have a natural childbirth and allow my body to take over the birthing process and literally "give it up". Not to sound too mother-earthish, but I felt I was allowing my body to do what it was meant to do. Also, it created a new bond between my husband and myself that can never be torn apart. Also, my parents were there for the birth and have a definite connection to my daughter becasue of it. So many wonderful things about birth!


Jodie - July 13

I could probably tell you my birth stories but they may sound like horror stories to you but theyre not horror stories to me, in the end i had 2 perfectly healthy babies, what could be better than that


kris - July 13

Heres a story - second birth with twins. Water broke, so I called my husband home from work. He wanted to take a shower - he worked construction - but I said we better get to the hospital. Good thing too, because when we got there I was working through my contractions which were coming pretty fast. They said him off to get my records (military hospital) and then put me in a prep room to a__sess my condition. I started pushing. All of a sudden, there were LOTS of nurses, all yelling at me, YOU CANNOT HAVE YOUR BABIES IN THE PREP ROOM! STOP PUSHING! To which I replied, "AAAAAUUUUUUUGGGGGHHHH!!!!" They wheeled my bed into an emergency room and 5 minutes later Kelllie popped out. I swear I have had menstrual cramps that hurt worse. Of course her twin decided with all the extra room she was happy where she was, and I had to have an emergency ceserean to get her out...they shared a placenta and it seperated when Kellie was born. I didn't get to see them because as soon as I heard Kellie cry I had a mask put over my face and was told, "Breathe this!" and hubby showed up with my records in time to see a little pink baby being taken to NICU. Both babies were fine and now are healthy 12 year olds, and I am now 21 weeks with their baby sister or brother, and I figure with my luck it'll drop out while I am sitting here at work! And since I work with all males - all between 45 and 55, I figure they'll all look at me, roll their eyes, and say, "I didn't do it, YOU pick him up" then take a smoke break and grumble about having to work with a woman! :) Seriously though, it was the typical "nothing goes as planned" childbirth, so you might as well be resigned to the fact that how the birth will play out is, to a large extent, beyond your control, and those who just go along for the ride and refuse to stress over it will have a better journey.


wondering... - July 13

thank you so much ladies, and thank you kris, i agree with you completely. It is so encouraging to hear that other women find their experiences as wonderful and miraculous as i did, even if things didn't go 'to plan'.


Chris - July 13

First off -- LMAO @ Kris and the men she works with. Let's see, 2nd delivery I got to hospital and was HUGELY PREGNANT, stopped walking every 3 steps for another contraction and the nurse at the door asked "and what's the problem tonight?" I said to her "I'm in labor and if you cant tell that then I hope to God YOU don't plan on delivering it" 3rd child, I was standing on porch, leaning on the house waiting for hubby to HURRY UP !!! Mother in law comes out and says "are you okay? do you know you have your head in a spider web?" And i'm talkin those BIG NASTY 2 inch in diameter spiders. So hubby finally comes outside, doesn't bother to help me down the 4 steps. I stop 3 times on the way to the car to have contractions. He's standing there at the car yellin ARE YOU COMIN OR NOT ??? Come get me you jacka__s LOL --- then finally make it to the hospital. Oh wait -- the best part -- I vomited ALL OVER the back of my mother in laws station wagon. HAHAAA payback for all the nasty things she ever said about me. Anyways...get to the hospital, lay on the table, someone checks me, then all nurses and docs go to the corner to talk THEN (and I swear I was not pushing) hubby says SOMEBODY COME CATCH THIS KID. And out popped my little boy, half on the bed, half in the doc's hands. Was like he said enough is enough and just FLEW OUT. Then doc proceeds to cut cord. Looks at hubby and says "OH? Did you wanna do that? Well, to late nuuuuh..........oh no" Why oh no? Because the baby was peeing on him. LMAO


S - July 14

Mine was pretty easy too! I was at my weekly doctor check up. She decided for some reason to check me (it was 2 weeks before my due date) and sure enough i was 5 cm dialated! I was freaking out! I hadnt felt a thing all morning and all day. Not a thing! So she sent me right acrossed the street to the hospital and i had to call everyone. But they ended up breaking my bag of waters and inducing not sure exactly why they did that. But once they gave me the plutocin (indicing meds) it started to hurt a little bit then got worse and worse. i didnt have time for an happened so fast. it hurt so bad but i couldnt of asked for a better labor! it was quick and amazing experience. And now hopefully im carrying my second child (will find out today at dr's.)


bump - July 14



[email protected] - July 14

Hi. I am pregnancy with my second child too!!! My daughter is almost 3. I agree with you on the horror stories, I just don't get it. Having my daughter was the most wonderful experience of my life. I had it easy though. Holding her and seeing her for the first time. I would do it over and over again if I could.



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