Anyone Have Any Knowledge A Fetal Heart Rate

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Laura - October 27

I am 7 weeks after af . Today I have an unltra sound because of light spotting and the baby's heart rate is only 126bpm. How worried shoul I be. i will see the Dr on monday


Amy - October 27

I went for u/s at 7 weeks. The rate was 150 bpm. My dr said to be concerned if it is 100 or less.


del - October 28

The usual heartrate can jump between 120 -180. All is good, if its withinthose numbers.


laura - October 28

Thanks ladies..waiting is so hard


To Laura-all is not good @120 - October 28

I found a website with a chart of beats. I saved it as a word file so I don't have the site address anymore, but here are some basic rates:9 weeks = 168.06, 12 = 165.16, 16 = 161.29, 20=157.42. You might think you are only 7 weeks, but be less. Maybe that's the issue, because 126 sounds very low. (I don't know who said all is good at 120...)


Reena - October 28

It shoudl be high not low! Read this from a medical website. OB visit at 12w2d. The fetus' CRL measured 51mm which is equivalent to 11w6d. The heartbeat rate was 174 bpm, continuing its slowdown from a peak of 185bpm at 8w5d. It will always be higher than average and settle down in the 165-170 range.


Hi Laura - October 28

I had a scare with heart rates yesterday at my drs appt. My baby has an irregular heart beat, I found out it happens sometimes and that I shouldn't be too concerned. As soon as I got home I did a search on the internet, here are some of the sites I found. The average rates vary but many sites stated that the 100 to 160 range was the median. Here are some of the sites I found: smartmoms/labor/labor/fetalheart.htm mi_m3225/is_n6_v46/ai_13357984 uvahealth/peds_hrpregnant/fhrm.cfm mi_m3225/is_n6_v46/ai_13357984


Hi Laura - October 28

Forgot to tell you to remove "-" in web addys


Liz - November 2

I went in for an ultrasound at 6 weeks because of spotting and the fetal heartbeat was 108bpm. I was a little worried but the doctor said anything over 100 was good. Today I just heard the heartbeat and it was 174bpm.


Liz - November 2

(See post above) the heartbeat was 174bpm at 11 weeks.


Tess - November 2

Hi Laura, during my 1st u/s we saw our baby's heartbeat at 123bpm and I was 6w3d, recently I just had another u/s and Im 11w3d and our baby's heartbeat was 167bpm. Dr said its normal heartrate and I shouldnt worry, but a friend of mine says (shes a RN) 167bpm is a lil too high. She said normal heartrate should be 120-160bpm. And guess what?!?! Im not listening to her anymore.....If my Dr. said its normal then its normal Im sure Dr knows more than an RN. If I were you, you should contact your OB and ask him/her about your concern instead of worrying. Good Luck!


val - November 2

at 12 wks 6 days my baby's heartbeat was dr. told me anything between 120 and 180 for a baby is normal.


mom of 4 - November 2

normal heart rate is 120-150 although it can go up as high as 200 or as low as 100 sometimes...the spotting could be dehydration or a sign of placenta previa but the doctor will let you are obviously not miscarrying (although at this point there is nothing they could do about that anyway unfortunately)



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