Anyone Have Irritable Bowel Disease And Pregnant

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Gem - October 24

Hi I was wandering if any of you have irritable bowel disease and what it has been like during pregnancy. I am TTC and my AF is due 27th. I don't really have a problem with constipation or loose stools but I do get bloating and bad abdominal cramps. Well today I have had really bad bloating and cramps all day wheras usually it wears off in a couple of hours after taking tablets. I didn't take anything today just incase I am pregnant. I took a test which was negative on the 23rd in the afternoon but I was just thinking that maybe if I am pregnant it would be playing me up more and that maybe I could be pregnant.


jess - October 24

I have IBS with constipation an I am 15 wks pregnant...for me it seems like the bad bloating and abdominal cramps have actually gotten better since I have gotten pregnant...every now and then I will get a bout of bad cramping, but it goes away after I use the restroom. I am even more constipated now than I was before though, but instead of seeming to make me feel worse I have felt better. But everybody is different, if you are pregnant it could be making your ibs symptoms worse. I would wait til after your af is due and take another test. I waited til I was 4 days late and got a dark positive right away. Good luck! Let me know if you have any more questions!


rooha - October 25

i am 39 weeks i never have got a problem such as constipation before i was pregnant but now i do get an upset stomach,bloating,and very bad abdominal cramps having to open my bowels every few hour were as is was just once a day earlier in my pregnancy,but having plenty of water does help,talking about you problem does help but don't worry it will all go away an you will forget it all happened,an gem honey i think you should wait an see maybe you are pregnant good luck.


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 25

I just had my baby 10 weeks ago but do have ibs. Before getting pregnant my ibs was really under control with fiber and good water intake, eating fruits etc. While pregnant I was constipated all the time! I drank a ton of water, ate lots of fruit and fiber but was still constipated. a lot with cramping and pain. Occasionally I had the bouts of diahrea. I also had a hemhoroid that got aggravated as a result of constipation and all the rectal pressure of the baby and it bacame thrombosed and gangrenous and had to be surgically removed at 33 weeks pregnant. I hope it is better for everyone else, I am probably not the norm. Good luck!



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