Anyone Having A Hard Time With The Decision To Stay Home

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sdillon78 - March 6

I have a 26 month old right now, and I am 13 weeks pregnant. On one hand I am really wanting to stay home, on another I am worried that I will be so stressed with having TWO all day long!!! My husband is great help though...I don't really care to stay home for the 26 month old because I want her in school with other kids and socializing, she was in home care until 18 months and I decided to put her in a learning center where they do lots of activities each day! She was never sick as a baby....we were pretty lucky...they lady that kept her, just had mine and that's it......all my friends babies were always sick with something....hand foot name it they had it! ANyways, I am just worried about going crazy with two! ANyone else in the same boat?? I am currently a teacher and love my job.....but I don't know!! ??? SO confused!!!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 6

Not me, I am going to be a stay at home mom...I can't wait. and its actually not as hard as you think having 2 children with you. My sister does it with three kids, of course she has four kids in school too. Yeah, she is a mother of 7 and during the summer she has fun with all of them.


tbsbaby - March 6

Nope I can't wait to be a stay at home mom! This will be my third and I've been looking forward to being at home and away from the corporate world! Just stay busy and you'll be fine!


lawlady72 - March 6

I'm tossed. I am on #2 and my first is 6. I would love to stay home but I am VERY independent and enjoy daily adult contact and conversation. I stayed home for a year with my dd and by then end of one year I was going stir crazy. I think I'm going to give it a try again for a year and see how it goes. Right now hubby and I are in a good place and we'd just be sacrificing some "out" time, before we sacrificed a car and a lot more for me to stay home. We'll see what happens.


sdillon78 - March 7

That is me exactly I like the adult contact and I live in a small town....where there is really NOTHING to I would have to drive in town (about 35 min) to do, here is my deal, we had put our house up for sale a week before I even found out that I was pregnant, we have a contingency contract on a house right now until March 31, so if it is meant to be, then our house will not sell and we will stay in our home so that I can stay home, the new home I would have defintly had to work, so I am kind of excited about this now...I think God will answer by what happens, if I am meant to stay home then we won't sell our house by the end of the month!! :-) If God thinks that I will go crazy at home then we probably will sell the house!! LOL


orchidmom - March 8

I'm also having a hard time to make the decision whether to stay at home or work.. and I still undecided until now.. I've discussed with DH, he really supporting me to stay at home.. but I'm just very confused ..


nanders - March 9

I struggled with this soo bad!! I was just starting my career fresh out of school, and doing awesome. I also wanted to stay home and be with the baby. I just couldn't decide! Well fate decided for me, God had a plan I just had to trust it! 2 days before Christmas the head office closed our office!! So I had no choice. I'm now staying home after the baby arrives, and I know it's the right move, the move I wouldv'e made anyway! Trust that what is meant to happen will no matter what! And try not stress about it there's enough to worry about in pg already!



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