Anyone Here Are 35 Weeks Pregnant

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vane - April 10

hi im just wondering what feels in 35 weeks,its normal to have a strong pressure in you lower belly and feels like your baby gonna drop please help me im kind of scared to delivery my baby early.


kashi - April 10

don't worry, that's normal... i have the same thing also.. and even if you were to deliver early, at least your baby would be able to live. of course it wouldn't be that great, but at least your baby could be fine.


nicole - April 10

im only 32 weeks and i am dying over here. if i lay down it hurts until i get fully flat, it kills me to roll over, and go downstairs, and occa__sionally it hurts to sit directly on my groin. so im wondering if any of this is normal or not. when i walk i have to put all my weight on one side or another, i can walk normal anymore, and pretty much doing anything it feelos like theres such an enormous pressure(that is more painful than anything else) resting right on my groin and occa__sionally i have to somewhat lift my belly to ease the pain. so im wondering if any of this is normal. earlier this week my underwear were soaked with some form of liquid that i have been unable to identify, and i saw some blood when i wiped but my doctor said since it hasnt happened since then not to worry???? but today ive been having lower stomach pains that i cant determine if theyre cramps or not bc when i had my period i rarely had cramps so i honestly dont remember what they even feel like. so im just curious if this looks like i will be delivering soon??


jhing - April 11

i think its normal also if your belly are really big and cant handle the pounds of your baby.


tess - April 11

dont worry its normal i have same feeling too.


pamela - April 19

Yes, I am and wen the baby moves sometimes he feels like he's gonna fall out and it hurts. He presses on my cervex.


mary - June 20

yes it is normal its just the baby pushing on your blatter or its geting ready to go in the birth area dont worry you will do fine


KH - June 20

I'm also 35 weeks and have been feeling this for over a month. It's very uncomfortable!


nelly - June 21

I am also 35 weeks and every sense I entered my 8th month I have been so miserable I pee about every 20 minutes and if I dont I will have an accident and my belly is so heavy I swear sometimes when she kicks in my cervis it feels like shes coming out.I cant wait til my baby gets here.


crystal - July 7

its ok! I am 35 weeks and i have alot of pressure and it is normal this is my 2nd baby and it is normal


jb - July 7

I am only 8 wks and I was jealous of all of you that are farther along.... But, after reading all the posts, now I am scared. Doesnt sound very comfortable. :o) Maybe I should just enjoy this time while I can, right? Of course throwing up a few times a day is not fun either.


Ann - July 7

I don't have the pressure, but everyone tells me that it is normal to have it in the lower belly. It is just how you are carrying the baby and how he/she is moving lower, don't forget your uterus is stretching too.


Beth S - July 7

well im 33 weeks and have that pressure now. apparantly its normal


rebekah - July 11

I am 35 weeks and for the last week or so I have been feeling lots of pressure down there, this is my 3rd child and its perfectly normal, it just means your baby is now resting down in the lower half of the uterus,also known as this is the time where they put on most of their weight......Thank goodness it dosent last long, just a few more weeks ;O)


Jamie - July 11

I'm 35 weeks, too..this whole weekend it's felt as though my stomach muscles were very very sore - i know I've been having a lot of BH, too, but from reading everyone else, it sounds normal. Can't I just have my baby NOW, please, thank you?


LabChick - July 16

I am 35 weeks pregnant also. And yes I have terrible pressure. My baby is rather large for his age though. We had an ultra sound done last Fri and he weighed 6lbs already. I do know from research that if you do deliver now , baby has a great chance of few problems. Breathing is the main issue at this point. They have ways of checking to see if baby would be capable of breathing good on its own.


Sandra - July 16

ill be 35 weeks tomorrow and im in pain this is my 2nd child and this pregnancy is totally different then my last one but i think most of my pain is from my c-section scar o and plus i split my pelvic bone farther apart because i ran down the steps so im hurrting i went form weighing 130 at the height of 5'8 1/2 to 186 im sooo huge my belly is huge i got mpre stretch marks which really doesnt matter but still its proof on how big my belly is well i hope no1 else is having pains like i do i cant even sleep on a bed so good luck evey one else im having a girl on aug 15th by c-section :D



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