Anyone On Clomid TTC In October Lets Do It Together

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hoping4baby3 - October 30

I am 37 and mother of two boys, 9 and 13. My husband and I are trying for a third or forth... I am hoping for twins since I am on clomid... I finished taking my clomid cd1-5. Today is CD10 and will start trying tonight... The waiting is the worst so I was wondering if anyone else is trying this month so we can try and wait together!!!


naris - November 4

Hello, I am also trying for my 3rd/4th I was on clomid in october, with repronex injections, then on my days of ovulation (10/29) I got IUI, so ever since I have been feeling differen, back pain, tiered and my b___sts feel very heavy and tender, so I am thinking COULD I BE? If so I hope you are too. Good luck


hoping4baby3 - November 5

Really? Sounds so promissing... what is your DPO today? I am DPO6... I cant wait to test... I will test DPO 10... feels like an eternity... How about u? I hope this is our month!!!


hoping4baby3 - November 11

Naris give me your update... did u test yet? I hate the waiting game... I am DPO 9 and already tested once (I knew it was too early) but I tried anyway... How are you doing?


mstngrd3 - November 12

I start taking 100mg Clomid tomorrow. I am 37 and this is my first time on Clomid. I am supposed to take on days 3-7. As far as I know based on tests that have come back they haven't detected any issue for my fertility. Had a HSG...normal. Bloodwork normal. Husband- marginal sperm shape. It seems most first-timers are put on only 50 I am not sure why I am starting at 100mg....any thoughts? My docter indicated that he is trying to give DH more to "shoot at" by putting me on Clomid. I am wondering since I ovulate normally if this could me an increase chance of multiples? Any input is appreciate.


snfagiano - November 17

Good luck and baby dust to you. I took generic clomid for 4 months, the last month being October, 200mg days 1-5. Just found out I'm pregnant on 11-11 so good luck!


hoping4baby3 - November 19

Naris... How are you? Give updates.... mstngrd3... How are you? Give updates... snf__giano... Congratulations! Wow days 1-5! Do you know if u r having twins? Keep us updated... Good luck to all!!!!


lillybug - November 19

Hello Girls! I took clomid 50mg from cd 5-9 and I ovulated on cd17/18 I'm currently 3/4 dpo and I just hope it worked for me and you


hoping4baby3 - November 20

I am out this month, AF just started but I am sending baby dust to all of you!!! Let us know!!!


chykia77 - November 23

hello hoping4baby3 I just finished my second cycle of Clomiphene in October. Cycle date 5-9. I took a pregnancy test this morning, and to my surprise i got a BFP. Just stay positive and patient and you'll get your baby or babies...((((((Tons of BabyDust to you)))))


ilovekids - November 24

Hi all, Af turned up today. Im gutted but looking forward to my next try. I did take clomid 100mg on days 3-7 but this time im going to take them on days 1-5? Is it ok to change to them days?or should i stick to my usual 3-7?Im confused.Baby dust to all.



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