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Maddie - April 26

I am a 21yr. old preg. and my parents have always been self-employed so we have never had insurance. Before I got married, I was eligable for medicaid, which is great as everything is covered! My husband has a great insurance plan, but as the pregnancy was a pre-existing condition, I am not on the insurance, and am quite thankful for the Medicaid. I do not go to any fancy doctors office, just a women's health clinic (which takes 2 hours to be seen on your appointment day), but I LOVE my midwife and get very good attention there, although the visits aren't more than 30 minutes each time. I am worried that I am getting less quality service than everyone else who has insurance and can choose their doctors. Also, Medicaid only pays for one U/S, but my midwife is almost guaranteeing another one at 36 weeks (she's gonna pull some strings) DOES ANYONE HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH MEDICAID, AND THE HOSPITAL SERVICE YOU GET IN THE DELIVERY ROOM? I'd like to do natural birth and I hope they don't make me do it by their standard of their easiest/most convienient/in&out procedure!


Jbear - April 27

I'm on Medicaid, and I'm getting the same (or better) care as people with private insurance. I could have had insurance through my job, but I would have had to keep working 40 or more hours a week throughout the pregnancy, or pay the full cost of the insurance myself. There were also limits to what the insurance would cover. As far as your husband's insurance, I've never heard of pregnancy being excluded as a pre-existing condition. I thought that was illegal, actually. I've already had 2 ultrasounds covered by Medicaid, and have another scheduled in 3 weeks. I'm seeing a private doctor, because I tried the women's health clinic route during my first pregnancy, and I didn't feel like waiting 3 or 4 hours every time I went to the doctor, and trying to make my 3 year old behave during a long wait. I don't think the clinics really charge Medicaid any less than private doctors, so if it's a matter of conscience, I don't think there's anything wrong with seeing a private doctor. You'll be paying taxes the rest of your life, basically paying for Medicaid. I know Medicaid is different in every state, but I live in TX, and I had a choice of three health plans and at least 100 different OB's to pick from. I had my daughter at the county hospital on Medicaid. It was clean and the staff was courteous. I was offered a choice of medications during labor, and I could have tried natural childbirth. As it was, I ended up having a c-section. I was in the hospital 5 days, and I had a private room. My daughter was in the NICU for 10 days, and she was examined by a variety of specialists. My husband and I were taught infant CPR and basic baby care skills by the NICU nurses before we could take our daughter home. If anything, I had the impression that Medicaid patients were preferable, because they could keep us as long as they needed to, without worrying about what was covered. My mom had private health insurance, and she had to leave the hospital within 24 hours after my sister was born. She came home and hemorrhaged.


Maddie - April 27

Wow Jbear, that is so SO much information to me. I was scared going into this pregnancy, as I was not married yet, and had not told my parents yet. I really didn't ask ANY questions as to what my options were as I applied for Medicaid through the Women Health Clinic in my area. I will call Medicaid tomorrow and ask them what my options are about the ultrasounds and which hospitals I can go to. Thank you so much for the information, it was way more than I expected. I live in FL so I imagine there are some differences. I also just a__sumed that my pg wouldn't be covered through my husbands insurance, but I will look into that too. I am 35 wks. along, so I probably will not REALLY need to switch doctors, I don't even know if I can. I need to be more involved in asking questions, and not just a__suming the least from it huh? Well, thanks again. Good luck sweety!


nicole - April 27

im on medicaid and i was sent a letter a few months ago that i had to choose an hmo according to who and where my doctor/delivery is. so im still on medicaid but under optima family care hmo. everything is free, no co-pays, no charge for delivery, i go to an actual doctors office and have had 3 u/s with a couple more to go. they said im still covered 90 days after delivery and the child is covered until 1yr, until i put it all under his name. all his visits and shots and all that are completely covered and free. so it sounds like u might be on limited coverage, or things just drastically change from state to state. id call ur social services department and talk to them and find out for sure what they cover, how long, how much etc. if ur going to the clinic theyre policy might be to only do one u/s, when i was going to the clinic until i heard a decision from medicaid they said they only do 1 u/s. so id call ur social services department and find out first hand from them what they cover and all that. and if u have the chance to go to a real doctor u should, clinics are great, i liked the one i was going to, but i find i feel more safe in a real doctors office and that they know more about whats going on.


nicole - April 27

that and u should find out how long ur allowed to stay in the hospital for natural and c-section births. and what they const_tue as as 1 day(whether they go on the hospitals schedule, or whther anything after 11:45 starts another day, or 12:00 starts another day) just call and ask if u get admitted at 11:30 pm and 12:00 am rolls around is that considered being there a day already. the best thing u can do is call and gove them scenarios. i called mine and found out im allowed 2-3 days natural and 3-4 c-section, and their days follow the hospitals schedule which starts at 11:30. the how long u can stay part is really important to find out bc once u go in to the hospital they ask u and they usually dont call to verify what u say or if u dont know. so find out for sure so they dont charge for anything


Sam - April 27

I'm having major probs with Medicaid in my state. First of all, I had trouble getting it! Then they told me I have a choice of 2 doctors and I can only go to one hospital. I was so angry. I wanted a natural childbirth! They're basically telling me I have to go to this hospital and I have to do what they say. Hubby and I are looking into maybe doing our own thing without the Medicaid and just deal with being in debt forever. I live in NM and the Medicaid here is notorious for rude people, very limited help, and a million ridiculous rules. I hope you girls have better luck!


Maddie - April 27

Thanks to all the responses! I just called my Medicaid office and they said I am free to choose from a list of doctors that they provide, which I am very happy about. I am already 32 weeks pregnant so I don't know if I should even switch, but I'll look into it. She also said that I get two u/s on Medicaid so that's a plus as well! Thanks


Misty - April 27

I live in FL also and have Medicaid. I was also told that it only paid for one u/s. But, I had three or four with my first pregnancy and had Medicaid then too, but in a different part of FL, it was just south of Miami. I wondered if Bush had changed some of the policies dealing with Medicaid (I even have a different looking card named for BabyOne instead of Misty). But now I am wondering if it that you can pick different plans through the Medicaid and the one I have just pays for less. That thought knid of scares me. With my first delivery the experience was wonderful, I stayed for 3-4(?)days because of an emergancy c-section and had wonderful nurses and imho I had yummy food. Even choclate cake topped with strawberries. I need to call my medicaid office as well to see if there is a thing with the plans. Sorry, I was just kind of rambling, don't really know if I gave much info :-)


chel - April 27

I switched jobs while pregnant with my first child. My pregnancy was NOT considered a pre-existing condition. I was able to change insurance with no problems.


nelly - April 27

i wa on medicaid with my first pregnancy and got to choose the doctor i wanted as long as the accepted medicaid i was treated very well there and at the hospital. i am pregnant again now and i am on medicaid again and i am going to the same doctor, i have had good experiences with medicaid


Trish - April 27

This is for those who don't qualify for medicaid and are uninsured. Some doctors and hospitals offer "special rates" for the uninsured. You have to ask. The hospital requires you pay sometime before your 7th month.


To chel - April 27

In the US if you change jobs your insurance from your previous employer follows you until the new insurance kicks in. So in your case it was not a pre existing condition because you became pregnant while insured with your previous employer.


nicole - April 27

the only reason in my opinion that would make sense as a preexisting condition would be that u were pregnant before u got married. so u were pregnant before u tried to go under ur husbands insurance and bc of that they were looking at the fact u were pregnant before u guys got married so maybe they consider that a preexisting condition. either way u should switch to a regular doctor, its never too late, bc that way u wont have to worry about going to the county hospital that the clinic may only a__sociate with.



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