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lanislee - February 21

Hi. Well, just wondering if anyone else is waiting to find out if they got pregnant this month or not? I got off bcp beginning of nov after my af. Then had a period 37 days later, then in january I didn't get one until the 23rd, which was day 48. So, now it's day 30 and I'm patiently waiting to see if we are going to get pregnant this month. I haven't charted or anything like that but we've been having s_x every other day the whole month, but with my cycles being so crazy I never know if I'm late or not! It's so frustrating. I think I'll wait until day 37 and see then maybe I'll know. I just hope that I've started to ovulate since I've been off the pills. Any comments or advice would be great! Thanks alot!


Marie00 - February 21

Hey lanislee, It is so frustrating when you have such a long irregular cycle waiting for af to come. I use to wait for af hoping I wasnt pg but now its just as bad waiting for it hoping it won't come..I actually was only on bcp for 3 months this time but before i got on it i had a cycle that was over 45 days, usually its 32-34. I would wait to test until day 37 or so if you can wait that long..sometimes a week feels more like eternity.. Good luck! p.s. I am on cd17 so I still have a while to go. : ( and am not too hopefull this month seems i just got off bcp


lanislee - February 22

Thanks for the support. It's nice to know someone is going through the same thing. I thought last month after 40 days that I'd maybe get a bfp but oh well. I'm not worrying about not becoming pregnant right away but just that I'm not ovulating with such a long cycle, we did have a stressful month so that could have been part of it. Well, good luck to you, hopefully you'll get your bfp!! I should be able to hold off until 37 days and see, I keep telling myself to not think about it, but it's easier said than done. Thanks again and good luck to you!


Becky22 - February 23

Hi, why don't you join our thread 'BCP countdown Feb 2008' in the signs of pregnancy forum. Most of the women in there have just ovulated & are waiting to see if they have got pregnant this month or some are waiting to ovulate (like me) as they are on long cycles too. You'd both be welcome!



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