Anyone Pick Names Similar To These

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krista-lee - January 10

ive chosen the names Logan Joseph for a boy and Brayden Alysanne for a girl. just wanted to know if anyone else chose those names (Logan or Brayden) and if they sound okay. im questioning logan now so if you know any unique cute boy names post them please! thanks


Tami - January 11

Personally I love the name Logan Joseph-I had a girl though. To me Brayden sounds like a boys name-I know several Brayden's who are boys, and I've never heard it for a girl. I do like the middle name Alysanne though.


Been There - January 11

My daughter's name is Bradyn. I think Alysanne is pretty.


tiffany - January 12

I liked logan, but my dh's cousin is named that, and we really don't care for him. My nephews name is Bradyn, and think it's cute, never looked at it for a girl, but it's cute as well. Different but good.


Sian1 - January 13

I like the name Logan Joseph. My nephews name is Brayden so ive only ever heard of it for a boy, but thats not to say you cant use it for a girl, either could work.


oz - January 13

I love unis_x names and i think Bradyn is great. I dont mind the name Logan but it reminds me of Brooke on Bold and the Beautiful and i cant stand her :)


taterbaby - January 19

I like them both. Particularly Brayden. Don't shy away from the unique unis_x names. My name is Tate and it is more often used for a boy but I love my name.


nikki_j - January 19

I like both names. Especially Logan joseph. Oz, that's funny you said that because I like the name Brooke Elizabeth, but don't want to use it because of Brooke on The Bold and The Beautiful. LOL


Mommy - January 19

My youngest son is named Logan so obviosly I think it's a cute name. And Brayden is really pretty too, and unis_x names are getting more popular. I am starting to see little girls named Logan more often, too.


Monique - January 23

I know quite a few people naming their sons Logan.


mom2 - January 23

if we were going to have a girl my husband was dead set on Charley..were having a boy so that wont be the name but unis_x is super popular i have a Patrick Neal as my first and we went with Luke Steven for the second. My dads name is steven so although i didnt know if it would flow i like it alot now...i guess i just think Luke and Patrick are strong boys names i always consider the nick names too...i hate the nick name Pat im not sure why but i was told a old nick name for Patrick was grandma said that was the case in her time:) Anyways Logan was my second choice i like it alot and Brayden is very pretty ive never herd that one before. Another boys name my husband liked was Maddox but i have a feeling it was because of Angelina Joli so i squashed that one:) (even thought i secretly love the name i just didnt like the reason he picked it)


DWilson924 - January 23

My husband picked out Logan Alexander if we have a boy. And i picked out Kylee Marie if it's a girl.



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