Anyone S Dogs Acting Funny

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rb - March 28

just wondering if anyone else's dogs are acting funny - i know it's weird, but i'm 10+ weeks along and i have two yellow labs... the older one (boy) has been soooo clingy that he barely pays any attention to my husband anymore, who he's always been closer to, and he never leaves my side. he is always cuddling me and doens't let me out of his sight... he's not a vicious dog at all, but the other day, he stood two feet from the gardeners and growled while i was having a conversation with them..... are your dogs being over-protective as well?


JLorenzo - March 28

There is an old South African theory that says if male dogs cling to you, than you are having a boy and vice versa. It actually prooved to be true for my cousins wife. She knew she was having a girl long before the sonograms because her female dog was all over her. Her male dog was indifferent...


Heidi - March 28

My golden clings to me because I eat so much more and he always gets a sample :) That's about it! Other than before I found out I was pg he would sit on our bed and cry while we sat in the tv room. That was weird.


Mmm - March 28

What about cats lol do they act differently too??


Andrea - March 28

Same thing here. I have 1 1/2 year old male yellow lab and a six month old female black lab. Usually my yellow could care less if I were around or not. He adores my dh. I am 10.5 weeks along and now my yellow will not let me out of his sight. He has a barking fit (not normal for him) when I leave to go somewhere in my car. I hope the male dog theory is correct. I have two little girls (three and four years old). I would looove to have a boy!!!!!!


rb - March 28

ooh! i hope the theory is right - although we'll be happy either or! - just talked to dh and he took boy to work - apparently, he's whining and staring at the truck, asking to go home... Andrea - how are the labs with the kids? i've always heard they are really good with children...


Kim - March 28

My black lab (male) won't leave me alone, either. He loves my husband but will always come to me first now and if we are both home, he'll come to where I am and hang out with me all day. I'd love to see if this South African theory is true.


rb - March 28

i can't help but get excited that my little baby can actually sense my other little baby - i know it probably sounds weird but i really believe that dogs are incredibly smart creatures... i can't wait to see how they are with the new addition!



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