Anyone Smaller After Pregnancy Than Before

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Nancy - October 20

I am overweight about 210 and was just wondering if anyone that was overwight before there pregnancy whether it is your first or third may have actully lost weight after the child was born to be smaller than before you got pregnant.


Jamie - October 20

I have heard of heavier women losing weight during pregnancy. I personally was underweight when I got pregnant, and gained too much.


:) - October 20

I have heard of people being smaller after baby then they were before baby.Not sure why they were smaller though. I think that if you do not want to be overweight then you don't have to be. It takes work I'm sure, but you can do it if you work at it (after baby comes of course) maybe a baby is what you need to motivate you to become healthy! Good luck! :)


Jamie - October 20

To :) - there could be medical reasons, such as PCOS, that cause the original poster's weight. Since you don't know, you probably shouldn't comment, since she wasn't asking for any opinions on her current weight.


Jbear - October 23

I weighed 285 when I got pregnant with my first child, 305 the day before I had her and 270 three days after she was born. With my second, I weighed 245 before pregnancy, 290 the day I had her and 297 when I came home from the hospital. She's nine weeks now and I'm down to 260, hoping to be 225 by Christmas.


? - October 23

I have seen this and I think it is because woman want to lose the baby weight then end up losing even more.


buglet - October 24

Wow! Yes, this happened to me, but I wasn't overweight to begin with. I was about 112lbs, jumped up to 145lbs for pregnancy. After I gave birth, I lost alot of weight. I went down to 95lbs. I'm not very tall either. The major underlying cause for my weightloss was in my loss of appet_te and continuous b___stfeeding. My son was continuously hungry though due to my loss of appet_te so I had him start on pablum earlier than I had hoped, but he needed the nutrients. I am glad to say I'm back at a healthy weight of 112lbs and now climbing because I'm pregnant with my second child now!!!!


Dee - October 24

I weighed 170 at my first Dr appt, when I went in to the Dr's the week before my son was born I was still at 170. After my son was born I dropped to 150. I think 6months of morning sickness helped.


Erin - October 25

I wasn't overweight (122 and 5'4"), but I did end up smaller. Two weeks after delivering, I was back to 122 and a week later, I was down to 110. Now, over 6 months later, I'm still a steady 112. Good luck to you!



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