Anyone Started A New Job

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Red - February 6

Have any of you all started a new job or have heard anyone started a new job while pregnant? I am nervous about starting a new job and being denied maternity leave because I won't have been there 12 consecutive months. I am two months along. Any information would really help me out.


jas - February 7

It's not that you are denied - you are not eligable for maternity leave - but you can get an approved leave of abscence depending on how you are with your job (if they want you to come back, etc they will hold your job even though they are not obligated to) Good luck!


kjones - February 7

Hi Red I am going to see if I can start a new job. I am worried that I wont get hired because of this. Do you have to tell them right away??


krc - February 7

Hi Red. I started my job when I was about 8 or 9 weeks pregnant. I didn't tell them until last week when I turned 14 weeks pregnant. For one I wanted to wait till after 12 weeks to make sure I was past the time frame of possible miscarriage and for two my supervisor is 6 months pregnant so I didn't want to rain on her parade while I was still super new!! I will receive a 6 week maternity leave, paid at 60% of my income. But they won't pay me for the 1st 2 weeks which makes no sense to me and we get paid every 2 weeks so actually during that 6 weeks im only going to receive one check, the 2nd one when I return so there's really no point to claiming it's a " paid " maternity leave. As for insurance Im not covered because the pregnancy was pre-existing so they cover me just not the pregnancy which has lead me to apply for medicaid and im still waiting for them to approve me or not. This is all quite ridiculous, that im 15 weeks and still haven't seen a doctor because of this insurance. I would ask you company what their policy is on maternity leave & who there insurance provider is to see if you'll be covered or not. Otherwise medicaid is an option. I hope that helps at all.


Tess - February 7

Im 25 wks/4days pg and I work FT as a Consultant (csr) for a big Co. here in MN. Last wk, I had my routine prenatal check up and I asked my Dr. to give me a doctor's note to give to my employer so I can collect insurance benefits....well my problem right now is....He didnt give me a note. He said it would be healthy for me to work til Im about to deliver n stuff plus there is no valid reason y he would give me a note? Now Im screwed big time. Ive already given them my 2 wks noticed and my last day is Feb 17th. I am ent_tled 12 wks unpaid leave and I can come back but then again.....w/o that note I wont be able to get the short term disability bcoz the dates won't match. Uggggghhhhh My doctor suggested that I quit this job and find a PT job that is comfortable for me and that is less stress (yeah right) Im thinkin Im this far along, nobody would want to hire me at all....Screw that! Sorry if this is off topic I just need to vent..My friend was saying that if I have a girl doctor they would understand better instead of having a guy doctor....they dont have any heart for us pregnant women!!!


Layla - February 8

to kjones: I was wondering the same thing a while ago as i was looking to start a new job. I'm not sure how far along you are but from what i've found out its illegal for an employer/potential employer to as you any questions about your pregnancy. here is a good article to read about pregnancy in the workplace: remove any "-" if necessary.


Been There - February 8

Red, you cannot be denied a short-term disability leave if you are considered temporarily disabled. There are a lot of things that come into play with this, such as the company's benefits. FMLA (which requires one year of employment and an employer with at least 50 employees within a 75 mile radius) and short-term disability are not the same. What state are you in? And to anyone who asks the question about telling during the interviewing process, no, you do not have to tell and it would be better if you only disclose after starting the job. I work in HR and have done benefits for 8 years. KRC, your employer's benefits are in the stone age. Most companies don't do pre-existing conditions any more. I would suggest that until you get insurance, you try a clinic run by a Catholic hospital. They value life and will see you for free or on a sliding scale.


kjones - February 9

Thanks girls.


Red - February 10

Thank you ladies for your responses!


Tanna - February 17

I am about to start a new job, and I have not let employer know that I am 12 weeks pregnant. I am a bit uneasy about when I should mention it, but I knew that I did not want my pregnancy to be a reason for not getting hired. That's just not fair. KRC, it is illegal to consider a pregnancy pre-existing in the U.S.


piratesmermaid - February 17

krc, I put off going to the doctor as well because of insurance issues. We were in the middle of planning our move across the entire country when I found out I was pregnant. My husband and I were both worried that we wouldn't be able to get insurance (I quit my job before the move and he was switching jobs) because they would consider it a "pre-existing" condition because we read that some insurance companies consider it that. But some don't. Try shopping around for some different insurance companies if you can. We went with Blue Cross.


piratesmermaid - February 17

As far as the new job, I quit my job in MS expecting to get another job with the same company in WY. Unfortunately when I reached WY I was so sick almost constantly that I knew working would not be smart. By the time I was feeling better, I was already in my second trimester and I didn't want to work for only a couple months then take a couple months off or not come back at all. I think that if you need the job, then pregnancy shouldn't stop you, but if there's anyway that you don't have to work to support yourself or to get insurance, then focus on your pregnancy.



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