Anyone Struggling To Sleep

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Hayley - March 1

I've never been a good sleeper but just recently I've been going to bed and just tossing and turning the whole night and then having to get up fairly early for work. I've been getting terrible headaches throughout the day, which I believe is down to lack of sleep. I also suffer from anxiety, which I think is one of the factors why I don't sleep.I'm 20 weeks pregnant and just hope that my baby isn't being stressed by me. If anyone has any suggestions on how to relax or any herbal remedies for helping to sleep better I would be really grateful.


Heavenly - March 1

Sorry Hayley, I wasn't being a sarta__s to you I was just making light of the fact that I can't sleep at night either!!! I am 27 weeks pregnant and unconfy as hell at night! I will put a nice fluffy pillow between my knees when I lay on my side and that seems to help. Since I have the puppy now that's thrown out the d__n window. Now it's a race against time! I have to fall asleep before my husband starts snoring and the puppy starts yapping. My life can be hell at night! My husband says that I am being prepared for when the baby comes! Don't you just wanna give people the squinted eye when they say things like that?! Anyway, your headaches can be coming from lack of sleep and from your horomones. It could also be from how you are laying in the bed at if you use alot of pillows and sleep with your head elevated. That makes my neck and head hurt. I wish you the best. Let us know tomorrow how you sleep tonight. ;o)


Heavenly - March 1

I mean smart a__s.


Heidi - March 1

I'm only 6 weeks along and ever since I was 4 weeks pg I had a hard time sleeping. And I'm a heavy sleeper. I'd wake up every night at 1 am and just lay there. It sucks. Then when my alarm goes off I'm in a deep sleep. Getting up early for work is really hard for me lately. I even go to bed early just so I can catch up. I've never had this bad of a sleep pattern. It really sucks!!!! Plus my boyfriend snores so just when I do doze off, I have to kick him!


Ashley - March 1

I've been having the same problem. What I started doing was taking a bath at night to relax myself b/c I've been getting some serious anxiety about my baby arriving. Then, when I go to bed I make my husband ma__sage my back because I've noticed that my back has a lot to do with my sleepless nights. Also, I sleep with lots of pillows. Doesn't always help but sometimes it does! Good Luck!



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