Anyone Taken Singulair While Pregnant

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Reb - December 8

I have mild asthma. I used to take Singulair, but haven't taken it for months. My lung doctor gave me another prescription for Singulair and told me it is Category B. My asthma is getting worse with the cold whether, so I am thinking about taking the Singulair. It means taking a pill everyday until at least the baby is born, which makes me nervous. Has anyone taken it while pregnant?


Anne - December 9

Hi Reb, I am taking Singulair. I'm 12.5 weeks . I decided to stay on it because it is the only med that has ever truly controlled my asthma. My OB , my husband's brother ( a GP), and my husband (phD doing asthma research) all agreed that it is most important that the mother gets sufficient oxygen. The damage that can be done from oxygen deprivation to your fetus is far greater than the chance of Singulair harming the fetus. Animal tests have shown no birth defects. It simply hasn't tested on humans, but is believed to be safe. Your doctor can request the results of Merck's pregnancy registry. I looked at them. The sample was small, but rea__suring. I would also encourage you to visit this site You can join the registry. That way women like us will have more information to base our decisions on. Please keep me posted!


Anne - December 9

Reb, If you visit that link, remove the dashes or it won't work.


Reb - December 9

Hi Anne. Thanks! My asthma is very mild. I cough a little and then that pa__ses, but it is uncomfortable. My breathing otherwise hasn't been an issue. My discomfort doesn't seem worth it. I do appreciate your help. I had looked at the PDR a while ago, which does publish the study research. I think I'll start up again in the hopes that it might also help my allergies. I just am not too comfortable being on long term therapy right now and had the asthma pretty well kicked last spring. I am 20.5 weeks, and had a level II ultrasound on Monday. All the fingers and toes were there, and there did not seem to be any formation issues with the baby, so I feel better at this stage starting up the Singulair. I will check out the merck site, though.



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