Anyone Taking Dha Supplement

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lenlen - May 13

Hi I just wonder if anybody ever heard about enfamil expecta lipil. It's a DHA supplement from johnson. I want to make sure if it's safe for me to take it, cos from what I read DHA is good for the development of baby's brain and eyes


KH - May 13

I just take fish oil pills by Carlson brand.


Maleficent - May 14

are you talking about the baby formula? dha is a natural enzyme that is in b___st milk. formula companies are trying to mimick it with additives in formula. i havent heard of a supplement for pregnant women.


lenlen - May 14

Hi maleficent. I am talking about the DHA supplement for mom, it's a product by johnson, I bought it from enfamil website, check it out at


m - May 14

I read about that too, and was curious about it. It sounds good. The omega 3's have been heralded for so long, but I've never taken them regularly. Actually, I took one omega 3 pill one time and I burped up a fish odor that about made me pa__s out. So I didn't take it anymore! But i bet they are good for you. I try to eat salmon at least once or twice a week. We love it. If you need a good quick recipe for it, let me know. It's so simple to make.


a - May 15

I have been taking Expecta lipil pills since my seventh month (recomended by my dr.).. when taken during your 3rd trimester and while b___stfeeding it promotes eyesight and brain development in your child. It can at wal-mart... or babies-r-us. its great and doesn't leave a fishy after taste.


Christina - July 25

I've been taking the DHA supplement for the past month. I discovered them in an email from Enfamil and purchased some. They're great, and it's perfectly safe!


E - July 25

You can get your O-3s from Flax Seed Oil Pills. They can be purchased at Whole Foods and GNC stores. No fishy odor, just nature's goodness:)


Lynn - July 25

I take the DHA supplement too. I heard about taking fishoil supplements, but some of them contain mercury which is not good. My cousin took the Fax seed with her first & swears he is a genious, didn't really take them with her second except for the last month and she's not quite so bright. But there were geniouses long before DHA was discovered so who knows. It definitely won't hurt your baby to take them.


crystal - July 26

I'm talking those same pills too. My mom sent them to me a couple month's ago.


Katharine - July 26

I think I will take the samples I have received when i'm nursing. Enfamil has a little pack with the pills and a sample of formula. I got a card in the mail for it, but the nurse at the dr's office said no one ever asks for them, so you might want to ask at your OB if you can get a sample, even if you don't have a card. Free stuff is good!


Cora - July 26

I use 'Udo's Oil Blend' which can be purchased at any health food store. It's one of the best blends of EFA'S you can get. Contains : Flax oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, evening primrose oil, rice bran and germ oils, oat bran and germ oils, soy lecithin, and tocotrienols.


bump - July 27



Michelle - August 6

Hello! I have been taking them since before I got pregnant. My OB recommended them to me. My friend said she was trying something else to get her omega 3's and she too was burping a horrible fish taste. These have no taste or after taste. From looking at the studies it seems to help.


HP - August 6

I've been taking Enfamil Expecta lipil since the 20th week. It doesn't leave fishy taste, I take it once a day together with my prenatal vitamin.


heartburn m - August 7

yeah, somebody on here said walnuts are abundant in the omega 3's. From what I've read, she's right. I am going to buy a big bag of walnuts! ; )


cactusmom - July 24

I know this is a really old thread, but I feel compelled to post here, as I am posting to every forum on DHA supplements that I can find. I took the Enfamil Lipil DHA supplement throughout my first pregnancy and for the first couple of months that I was b___stfeeding. From the time my daughter was about a week old until I stopped the DHA supplements, she had terrible, terrible gas. It was so bad that if we weren't putting pressure on her belly or forcefully patting her back (like burping) constantly, she'd be upset. We had to take her to the doctor to get an x-ray for an unrelated issue (turned out to be nothing -- my daughter was and still is an extremely healthy child), and the doctor commented on the extreme amount of gas in her belly. After restricting my diet and searching the Internet for weeks and weeks, I finally found one lonely post from a grandmother, who claimed her grandaughter had terrible gas until her daughter stopped taking her DHA supplement. Out of options, I decided to try it. Less than two days later, the gas was COMPLETELY GONE!!! Now I'm reading articles about Enfamil's artificially created DHA and ARA in their formulas and how it has been linked to health problems (including gas and diarrhea in babies!!). It makes sense that this company puts the same type of artificial DHA and ARA in their supplements, too, and that this could cause the same issues. While I'm all for giving our babies all the nutrition we possibly can, I would advise against Enfamil Lipil DHA supplement, ESPECIALLY while b___stfeeding. I am pregnant again, and I'm going to try a fish oil supplement or try to incorporate more fish and flax seed into my diet naturally. I'm also still b___stfeeding, and there's no way I'm going to risk putting my darling baby through that terrible gas again! Good luck to all those expectant mommies out there ... I'm all for supplementing, but just beware of those artificially creating supplements!!



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