Anyone Taking Dha Supplement

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cactusmom - July 24

I know this is a really old thread, but I feel compelled to post here, as I am posting to every forum on DHA supplements that I can find. I took the Enfamil Lipil DHA supplement throughout my first pregnancy and for the first couple of months that I was b___stfeeding. From the time my daughter was about a week old until I stopped the DHA supplements, she had terrible, terrible gas. It was so bad that if we weren't putting pressure on her belly or forcefully patting her back (like burping) constantly, she'd be upset. We had to take her to the doctor to get an x-ray for an unrelated issue (turned out to be nothing -- my daughter was and still is an extremely healthy child), and the doctor commented on the extreme amount of gas in her belly. After restricting my diet and searching the Internet for weeks and weeks, I finally found one lonely post from a grandmother, who claimed her grandaughter had terrible gas until her daughter stopped taking her DHA supplement. Out of options, I decided to try it. Less than two days later, the gas was COMPLETELY GONE!!! Now I'm reading articles about Enfamil's artificially created DHA and ARA in their formulas and how it has been linked to health problems (including gas and diarrhea in babies!!). It makes sense that this company puts the same type of artificial DHA and ARA in their supplements, too, and that this could cause the same issues. While I'm all for giving our babies all the nutrition we possibly can, I would advise against Enfamil Lipil DHA supplement, ESPECIALLY while b___stfeeding. I am pregnant again, and I'm going to try a fish oil supplement or try to incorporate more fish and flax seed into my diet naturally. I'm also still b___stfeeding, and there's no way I'm going to risk putting my darling baby through that terrible gas again! Good luck to all those expectant mommies out there ... I'm all for supplementing, but just beware of those artificially creating supplements!!



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