Anyone Test Too Early And Get Bfn

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Gem - January 25

Hi I have used a clearblue easy this morning and I am really upset as it is a BFN. I am hoping that I have done the test too early as my AF is due around the 28th or 29th which is 3-4 days. I was feeling really positive this month until a minute ago. Has anyone else done a test this early and had a BFN and then gone on to have a BFP. If yes how soon after.


Steph - January 25

Your best bet is to test a day or two after your missed af. Even though they claim to tell you if your pregnant or not before you miss, it's more reliable to test after af is due. Good luck to you and don't let a bfn this early get you down.


Mommy2Be - January 25

I tested two days before af was due and got a negative. I did it in the middle of the day because I was certain that I was pregnant. It might have been different if I did it in the morning when it said to. I tested four days later and got a positive within seconds. I am now 35 weeks pregnant. Good luck to you, I'll keep my fingers crossed. Oh and I used the first response test which says you can do it days before your expected af.


Gem - January 25



michelleb - January 25

You may have tested too early. I've done that before, too, and the type of test you take makes a difference, too. will tell you the different sensitivity of each test. I've heard from most resources that First Response is the MOST sensitive. But Walmart's equate and dollar tests seem to be pretty sensitive as well. My 1st pregnancy I did not get a BFP until 15dpo. My current pregnancy, I got one at 11dpo but it was very very faint. So I retook it at 15dpo and it was a lot darker. Good luck and don't lose your positivity just yet...


k. - January 25

Hi Gem... I got a faint positive tonight... AF is one day late... I test 1 one day before AF was due and it was NEG... So I only trust doing the day that AF is due.... I totally felt like I was going to start my period.... I'm going to take another test tomorrow just to make sure... Good luck!


Gem - January 25

Hi k. congratulations. I feel every now and then like I am going to start AF but it is not due until 27th at the earliest. I will wait until the 29th and if it hasn't arrived I will test again but I have not got much hope of getting my BFP this month.



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