Anyone Thinking Of Cloth Diapers Nappies

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Eire - May 18

Hi all... wondering if anyone has used or is thinking of using cloth diapers / nappies on their babies.. I am pregnant with my 1st and was thinking of using them but so far anyone I've asked think I'm mad... The reasons I'm thinking of using them is that I hate the idea of throwing out all those disposables..


Karen - May 18

From experience with my little sister and nephew the only problem is when they pile up and you have to clean them. Also pee is not so bad. But with number two you have to dump it then rinse it out cause your left with a very bad order. Then pinning them on the baby can be tricky. You have to place your hand in front to make sure you dont pinch the baby if the pin slip. I think I am sticking to disposables. Thank God for who ever invented them.


Karen - May 18

On the postivie side. They are cooler for the baby and they are less likely to get diaper rash. There are now creams to prevent that. Good luck


Eire - May 18

Thanks Karen.. I remember changing my little sister as well with them, (I'm 12 years older than her) and the whole safety pin thing.. I'm not too worried about all the washing.. that's what the hot wash on the washing machine is for right? I dunno.. maybe I'm in la la land... there's so much washing as it is for just 2 of us in the house that maybe washing all those nappies might be a bit OTT..


Karen - May 18

Now you have me thinking. Cause I never really consider that . I guess I want ot spend as much time with my little one before getting back to work. Well our washing was done on hand (durability) for them to last longer. I guess that is why the washing thing is less appealing. Is this your first ? How far along are U?


leslie - May 18

ok, I have always wonder when the baby pees doesn't the pee go right thru the cloth and then all the crib/ba__sinet gets wet?? and what about when they are toddlers doesn't the poop comes out easier???


Karen - May 18

Usually when you lie them down to sleep or rest you will put a plastic sheet under the a sheet to prevent it from getting on the bed or play pen. And yes sometimes the poo came out and as toddelers they would run all over the house with the poo coming out. Not very exciting and as it was my little sister quite scornful... I was 16 then and decide children was not for me in the near future. !!!!!


Raye Lynn - May 18

I am definitely going to give it a try. I also dont want to throw away all those diapers, but will have them on hand for babysitters, etc... I plan to quit my job and be a stay at home mom and that will just become one of the duties to wash the diapers. Good luck.


Carol - May 18

i can remember my mother rinsing out pooy diapers in the toilet and then having to wash them. YUCK! Also you have to put the baby in rubber pants to prevent leaks which can cause bad rashes....good luck if you choose to use them, but this is not for me.


Eire - May 18

Karen - I'm 20 weeks today.. (woo hoo - half way there).. Yeah - I remember about the plastic pants and the leakage... but sometimes you get leakage anyhow with the disposables as well..? I was looking at a few websites and some of the new ones seem 10 times better than the old types... they come in the shape of disposables and have velcro fasteners and all that - they claim to have no leakage etc.. check out It's an irish website as that's where I'm from... they are about 7 euro each, (about $10 I think), so are quiet expensive but I guess if you calculated the amount you would spend on disposables it would probably be cheaper!


monica - May 18

I am not one to stay home all day. I like to go out to the shopping mall, parks, etc. So cloth would not work for me.


Eire - May 18

Maybe I'm being completely idealistic and when the baby comes along I'll be so wrecked that the idea of cloth nappies will be hysterical... it's just if I'm going to use them, I guess I should start to stock up....


Lynn - May 18

Look into a local diaper service. For approx. the same price you can get a service to supply the diapers and pick them up every week to wash them. I'm pregnant with my first and this is what I'm looking into. I hate the idea of throwing out all those disposables in the trash, but on the other hand, I don't want to be constantly washing diapers either.


Syn - May 18

I want to use them. people keep telling me the same thing. " its to hard, you'll give up". ha. the more they say that the more i want to prove them wrong. I mean really, can it be that hard to wash diapers and hang them to dry. the only problem I have is finding the plastic pant things to cover the diaper.


Jodie - May 18

I used cloth with my first as i thought i was doing the right thing for the enviroment until i read some interesting facts. While using cloth does produce less land fill, they do however produce more greenhouse emisions and use more water to clean than the production of disposibles


amanda.d - May 18

I used kooshies for my first daughter.I had a pail with bleach and water near my change station and used plastic pants as well. The kooshies had valcro (sp?), so i didn't have to worry about pins.I washed them at every night and kept disposables on hand for out of the house trips like shopping, lunch, etc.Now i usae disposables as i am on my fourth child and don't have the time nor energy for cloth diapers.Good Luck!


Eire - May 19

never heard of a diaper service here.. (I live in Ireland).. could not imagine anyone here setting that up..!! Anyhow I talked to my mother on this yesterday and I think I will go and buy about 20 or so cloth ones and will also buy disposables... A bit of a compromise I suppose but what I hope to do is use the cloth ones when I'm at home during the day and then use the disposables at night or if we go out... what do you think?



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