Anyone Thinking Of Not Using Diapers At All

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Lissi - May 30

I recently saw something on TV about a women who potty trained 3 of her children from birth. I'm not thinking of doing it with my first, because It sounds like a lot of work and I'm a bit overwhelmed about the normal procedure of taking care of a baby, but I might consider it with any future children. Has anyone tried it? How was it? A disaster? Or does anyone know where I can get more information on this?


?!? - May 30

Wow I have never heard of that before I can't believe that is even possible! Are you sure it wasn't a hoax program? A new born baby cannot be potty trained they don't have the mental/physical skills required! Doess this woman actually hold her new born baby over a potty while they do their thing? That is crazy! It wasn't April 1st the program was on was it?


Found this looks difficult tho - May 30


oops - May 30

Sorry no - between information or between or after htm! here is the address again:


WhY??? - May 30

Why does it keep adding in dashes??? DOh!


Lissi - May 30

No, it was a serious news programme. It wasn't April 1st either. When I say potty trained, I don't mean that they can control bowel movements but, they learn to give a signal that they feel uncomfortable and eventually (by the the time they can sit unaided) you can get them on the potty just in time. I don't know exactly how it's acheived, because it was on a short article, so that's why I'm after more information on this. Obviously, it involves a lot of dedication and a lot of accidents before you can crack it. You'd have to be a stay at home mom for it to work. They say it's easier and less traumatic for a baby to get used to using a potty, than to train a toddler. I wouldn't dream of attempting it with my first baby, because I know that will be difficult enough. It is very interesting though, and I'd love to know more about it.


Lissi - May 30

Thanks Found this Oops Why? :) I will take a look at it.


Lyns - May 30

You're welcome! Sorry about the dashes I don't know why they keep adding those things in!! :-)


Misty - May 30

I would think even if you want to start early it would be pointless until the child is at least old enough to know what is going on. In the first month they go to the bathroom all the time and it is an involuntary thing. I doubt holding the baby over a toilet while it is going would mean anything to it at all. Perhaps waiting until at least 3 or 4 months? It would still be soooo very much work, but I doubt it would do any good at all to try before they are at least that old. If I was a stay at home mom though I might give it a try, just not right after birth.


Lissi - May 30

Like I said, I don't know exactly how it's acheived, but I do know that this woman's kids never wore diapers, even when they were first born. I don't think they start out holding the child over the potty. They just get them used to the idea that when they pee, it's uncomfortable, so when the time comes to hang them over a potty, they are more willing. Diapers today are so good at soaking things up that the child feels too comfortable to change it's behaviour (I'm only saying what they said on tv here). Obviously, they don't leave the child festering in soiled clothes, they clean it up straight away. It sounds like an awful lot of washing! I'm not sayimg that I advocate it, but it is very interesting and it is possible.


P - May 30

In the article it said some babies are fully trained by 20 months. I was fully trained at 18 months according to my mother. It seems like a whole lot of work for a very long time. Though they probably didn't get any rashes which is nice.


Anna - May 30

I know what you are talking about and, fundamentally, it is not training a child to use the potty, it is training the mommy to be a slave to her child's capricious bodily functions. Basically you are trained to go to the toilet with your child almost hourly for months and months and months, and leap from whatever you are doing whenever the baby makes a funny face. It works -- in many parts of Africa and Asia babies do no use diapers. But I will tell you that even in those cultures many many many "mistakes" happen and big sister ends up with poop running down her back.


Tami - May 30

as someone who has taken many child development cla__ses-it was my college major, don't do it! Babies actually do not have the muscle coordination to learn to have regular bowel movements. It is a practice that puts a lot of stress on a child. A a year and a half children will begin to develop the muscle coordination to begin potty training, but remember all children are different. I would highly recommended not trying to potty train them too soon!


nelly - May 30

talk about never getting any sleep.i would rather stick to the old fashioned way.



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