Anyone Trying To Get Pregnant This Month January February

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lauren h - January 20

I just had a dnc and am trying to get pregnant again. I will start ttc on the 24th. Anyone else doing the same?


AshleyB - January 20

Me too. I had a d&c on dec. 31st. So it's been 3wks and we were going to wait till after one cycle but we just got careless and who knows if it'll happen sooner or not. But next month(if we're not alreadypg.) We're definatle back in the ttc game. I joined the fertility friend and have been trying to figure out my cycle and track my ovulation. I'm pretty sure I ovulated a couple days ago, but could just be my body playing tricks on me. Don't know for sure. So I'm in the same boat. How long has it been since your d&c? Did you wait till after a period?or two? How far along were you> I was 11wks with baby #1. Missed miscarraige. It was a big shock to us, as we had no idea there was anything was wrong, no bleeding or anything. The baby measured 9wks at the time he was supposed to be 11. Nice to chat with you.


lauren h - January 20

I just had it done on the 17th. I was only a couple of weeks. I needed to have because I had a blighted ovum. My doctor gave me the go ahead since I am not really recovering from anything. So i am not waiting and will be starting right away. I should ovulate on the 26th, so I will start on the 24th. I cant wait I hope it works out!!!! I want to be a mommy so badly!


AshleyB - January 20

I know what you mean. I just feel I want to be pregnant again sooo bad. I'm ready to be a mommy. I hope I did ovulate this time. If I did, chances are good that I'd get pregnant then. Like I said this was our first bab;y-my first pregnancy and we got pregnant the first month trying. So I"m hoping it'll be that easy to concieve again. I guess your body won't become pg unless it is ready to so if not this month then hopefully next. I guess after a d&c that uterine lining has been sc___ped pretty thin and sometimes even if you do happen to get your egg fertilized, it won't implant until that lining has thickened up again and is ready to sustain a pregnancy. Good luck to us both!


lauren h - January 20

Well, my doctor says that he did not have to sc___pe me really. Just a little suction. Iwent back yesterday and he siad that everything looks great. Where do you live ashley? I am in miami, fl. I am 25, and My fiance and I have been together 11 years. We were not trying to get pregnant it just happened last time. I already wanted to be, it just wasnt planned. Now that I was preg he wants to have a baby just as badly. Everytime he talks about it I get so excited. I was worried that I was going to have to do a lot of convincing when the time came to start ttc. But he wants a baby now!!!! I am a teacher, and at my school, every other woman you pa__s if pregnant. I can't wait to be one of them!


AshleyB - January 20

Hey Lauren, I live in Midland, Michigan. I'm also 25. I got married this past September. I stopped birth control oct. 1st and started ttc and got pg that month. My husband is 32. He really wants a baby but is a little hesitant and scared of this happening again-as am I. I am going to college for nursing and working a couple of days a week waitressing for right now. It's amazing now that we're thinking about it how much babies and baby stuff we get faced with everyday. Yesterday I was looking for a book at the bookstore for my mom who is bed from having surgery and turned around and there was a table with nothing but "your baby's first year" type books. I turn on the tv and there are babies and women pregnant every channel I turn to. It's crazy. I can't wait to be pg again. I loved that feeling that it wasn't just "me" anymore, that there was a little life in me, I was a "we". It was amazing and I want it back..


knightal418 - January 20

Hi, I am on day 3 of my cycle. We have been trying for three long months. Time seems to be moving so slowly since I can't wait to get pregnant. I thought it was going to be easy!


sara b - January 20

I'm on day 6 of my cycle but have been having really weird cycles for the past two months. I'm BD'ing about every other day in hopes we'll catch it this month. Best wishes.


lauren h - January 21

Ashley, I know exactly what you mean. Pregnancy is all around us! At the school I work at it seems like every week someone announces that they are pregnant! I'm a sucker for pregnancy books, I buy everyone I see. I just can't seem to know enough about it! I saw that you were asking starr questions! Me too. She sure does know alot!


lauren h - January 21

I'm on day 5 of my cyccle. I plan on ttc every other day starting on the 24th. I hope I get lucky :) I know how you feel knightal418 I have been trying since August. I got pregnant in december and miscarried, my hormones would not double. They were 37 everytime my blood was tested. I am feeling real good about this month. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! And if my dates are right, then on Valentines day I'll know the answer. I hope its a good valentines day!


jennifer28 - January 21

Hey there! Ive been ttc #2 for over 2 yrs. Just finished my first round of clomid and are going next Thursday for a blood test to see if Im preggo!!


lauren h - January 21

Good luck jennifer. I hope you are!


Suede - January 21

Like AshleyB and lauren h, I had a d&c on 23 December. I was 12 weeks but baby measured 10 weeks. Also got pregnant first month coming off the pill. I also then had the german measles vac, so have waited. Period has arrived, and planning to have another go in two weeks. I am really keen like all of you. Would be great to be a first time parent.


AshleyB - January 21

hi ladies, Good luck Jennifer. I think I'm in the two week wait. I really think that I ovulated and our bding schedule and timing would've been about perfect so we'll see. Even if I am it will be difficult though because I haven't had a period yet and I know last week I took a test and it was still positive because my levels aren't down all the way yet since my previous m/c and d&c 3wks ago. But even though it would be hard to date and stressful and everything, I would be soo happy, I can't wait to be pg again.


knightal418 - January 22

I am going to start ttc around CD 13 or 14, I usually ovulate around CD 14 - 16. My body was acting really strange this month though. I had cramps for a whole week before my period instead of just the day of, then my period usually only lasts 2 or 3 days which it did, but today is CD 5 and I just noticed more blood...??? I just thought getting pregnant was going to be so easy!!!!


knightal418 - January 25

Anyone else Ovulating around the 14th... Time is going by so slow... I am counting don the days and trying not to think about it


AshleyB - January 25

I think I may have ovulated yesterday. I did an opk and there were two lines, the test line was still fainter than the control line though, but today I did one and had no line at all. So i"m confused. Plus i feel alot of pressure in my pelvis, kinda achey. So frustrating not to know what's going on with the bod. Ghrrr!



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