Anyone Ttc After Mirena Or Iud

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melissap - January 23

Looking for anyone tttc after they had their IUD removed. I had mine removed Jan 3/06 and after thnking I was preg and finally finding out I am not (but still look it) I am ttc for #3. Starting charting and temping this month and it looks good. Iam 6dpo but I feel as though I am geeting my period.Crampy, back ache feeling like I am leaking. If anyone eles is ttc please share as I don't even know if I am having regular cycles!!


Please_be_A _girl - January 26

Melissap: I had my IUD taken out oct 17 2006 and just found out i was pregnant last week due sept. 7th (i had the IUD in for almost 5 ears. I only had one period after getting it out Dec 1st .


mtnla__s - January 26

Good luck getting pregnant fast. I had my Mirena removed Dec 05 and am now finally pg 15 weeks !!! I may have gotten pregnant the first month but wasn't thinking in those terms yet, Husband and I were just letting it happen so I didn't test. I had alot of long cycles and finally after three cycles of Provera in the beginning of my cycle to help beef up my lining and having an HSg done, I got pregnant. So if it doesn't happen within the time you got pregnant with your other two I would see your doctor. My doctor said that the Mirena thins the lining so you may need help beefing it up. I have two other children and they were conceived within three months of trying. Good luck!!


melissap - January 27

Thanks Guys. I had a period 3 days after it was removed but had just started getting them in Dec for the 1st time since. I hope I don't have too much trouble. Took 15 months to concieve my 1st after deppo provera and then got preg with ds 2 years later while on BCP after 3 deppo shots so go figure. I am 10 dpo and I either have some nastly PMS symptoms early or I am peg. Can't wait to find out as this is my last and I want to do it this year. Congrats to both of you guys on your babies. Have a happy and healthy 9mths.Thanks for the input and advie


momma3tobe - January 28

I had my Mirena IUD removed in October and was pregnant by the end of November.. I wasn't actually TTC and the nurse had told me it would be a couple of months before it would be even likley that I could get pregnant. It is different for everyone, it could be up to a year before your fertility returns (or so I was told).


melissap - January 28

Thanks momma2tobe. I was wondering did you actually have a period after removal?? I had a really light one 3 days after. Congrats on the new baby and good luck


Steph - January 29

I had my IUD out on 5-19-2005 and found out I was pregnant on 11-06-2005. So six months of trying for us....Good luck! :o)


Flowers - February 12

Hi I am also trying to conceive after having my mirena removed in November. I had a period in December and am now two weeks late on my period but but have had four negative tests. So confused! I was convinced I was going to get my period when it was due around 28th Jan but no period/ bleeding. Me and my husband have been trying to conceive since my last period and tried on my most fertile days.


KaseyA - February 12

I only had my IUD in for about 5 months. The day after I took it out I concieved.


melissap - February 13

hi flowers I got my 1st period in Dec before I had my IUD removed and none of my periods have been the same amount of time or on time. My cycle seems to be getting shorter and shorter maybe yours is getting longer. I have been charting on Fertility Friends and had was sure I was preg as I b'd every day up to my ovulation but it has not happened. This month I we b'd every day up until ovulation but this cycle I ovulated 3 days later than I thought so I am wondering if my cycle will be longer??? Good luck girls who are TTC Baby Dust to you all


Flowers - February 13

Hi melissap to be honest it is driving me mad, I wouldnt mind if i had just come on my period at least then I would know either way! I just dont know what to think! Do you know anyone that has had negative tests and is actually pregnant? By its been 6 weeks and two days since my last period!


melissap - February 14

Flowers you should post over on the signs of pregnancy board. Those girls are really knoweldgable on all aspects of TTC. I think this is going to be our last month for awhile. I am going to the doctor to see about starting the pill next cycle because my hormones are horrible. I have 4 good days a month as soon as I ovulate I have horrible PMS until Af shows and my b___st are so sore I can hardly stand it. I have never had Pms like this so I think it is the IUD and also I think my uterine lining is really thin because my periods that I have had are so light and that is one way a IUD works is to thin out the lining. I jhave heard of neg tests and being preg. Maybe a blood test at the doc's would tell you. Don't rule out a cyst as well b/c IUD's cause cysts. I would see the doc if no BFP or AF in the next couple of weeks. Good luck


Flowers - February 14

Hi Melissap Guess what I have come on my period today.....six weeks and three days since my last period. I cant believe it. Im gutted. Well at least I know now. I guess its back to the drawing board again this month Ill just have to keep trying. Surely if you go on the pill you will stop all chances of getting pregnant!


melissap - February 15

yeah I will take a couple of months off and just try and get regulated although my last ds was concieved while I was taking the pill. That's why I got the IUD. So sorry to hear AF came. It is so depressing. Maybe you will get regular now. I suggest using Fertility Friends to chart and get a good Basal Body thermometer. At least to see if you are ovulating or not. It might make things a little easier. I am charting and I know I am ovulating but I think my uterine lining is thin as I B'd at the right times just it doesn't seem to stick. Good luck and the signs of preg board is great info on charting.



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