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Trying - October 17

What are the chances of getting pregnant if you have s_x a few days after ovulation? My husband and I are actually trying, but I wasn't quite over my yeast infection when I was supposed to be ovulating so we had to wait, could I still get pregnant? He's leaving next month for the army so i will only ovulate one more time before he leaves :(


Kelly - October 17

Please pick up an ovulation prediction kit... That's what I'm going to do this month... Then you won't miss it... But you never know do you.


kris A. - October 17

Everything I've read says to get pregnant you have to have s_x before you ovulate, as the egg only lives for 12 to 24 hours. The sperm, however, can live for up to 5 days... so if you had s_x 5 days before ovulation, you could still get pg. Also it is believed female sperm are slower and live longer, so if unprotected s_x is several days ahead of ovulation, chances are high for a girl. Boys are fast and short lived so s_x that results in conception right at ovulation time could mean boy. The question is always when ovulation occurs. I used a ovulation prediction kit, and tested twice a day when I thought I was 'in the zone' and as soon as that line HINTED at being there we got busy... bingo! now 35 weeks pregnant after trying for one month. Baby dust to you! :)


lisa - October 25

what is conception date? is it the day u had s_x? or the day the sperm fertilizes the egg? does it happen in the same day


richard - October 29

I have a question about conception. If a woman is pregnant can she get pregnant again in the early stages of pregnancy


Melissa - October 29

I am not for sure ~Richard~..but I am pretty sure that when a woman is pregnant, her body produces hormones that suppresses the release of any other eggs. If a woman is having twins, she concieved them at the same time either with two eggs that were released simultaneously or one split(Hence maternal/fraternal twins)..I hope I am right..someone please correct me if I am wrong..I am only going off of what knowledge I have picked up..hope this helsp Richard


HH - October 29

Sorry. I think you missed it. Your best hope is that you were a little off on your ovulation dates. Sorry. Everything I've read said the day of us often too late, so the day after or later would really be too late. I hope you get lucky, though.



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