Anyone With 2 Girls

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Sydney - May 10

I know this must be a strange question but here goes. I have an amazing daughter and we are pregnent with our second and they say its another girl (we both had a strong feeling that it was a boy)We really wanted a boy but I guess we will have to try again. Does anyone have 2 daugthers or a sister for that fact - I never had a sister so I dont know what its gonna be like - can anyone give me some comments please


Maleficent - May 11

we are having another girl and we we're quite shocked! (we have a 7yo boy and a 2 yo girl already) i'm very excited that my two daughters will get to grow up together. my son is so much older, i don't think he would have as strong a bond with a brother as my daughter will have with a sister. i have a sister who is 3 years younger than me and she and i are like best friends now. we shared a room for 16 years and never had a fight. my girls will be 3 years apart, i only hope they get along as well as me and my sis do.


chel - May 11

We have 6 year old and 4 year old daughters. They are so different from each other. They get along well most of the time, but boy, when they fight!! Look out! Also, they are very protective of each other. I am an only child, so this is a new experience for me also. We are expecting #3 in Oct. We will be happy girl or boy.


Maleficent - May 11

Thank you for that - much appreciated makes me feel better seem like we were in the same boat - I was also toally convienced I was having a boy.But the U/S could be wrong - only time will tell. Mine will also be 3 years apart


chel - May 11

Thank for your reply - I am hoping my girls will be close and in away its an unconditional friend for life -


L - May 11

Having a sister is a best friend for life...through thick and thin..highs and lows...there is no friendship like it! (i have 2). I also have a 3 year old daughter and I am expecting another girl (HOORAY!) this summer and could not be happier. Best and happy wishes to all.


toes - May 11

the only thing you get by having an older brother is someone to ask you "why you hitting yourself, hunh?? why you hitting yourself??" I have two wonderful daughters ages 6 and 10 who love spending time together, tho I'm told that'll end soon enuff. They're close enough in age I only have to worry abt the older one coming to me with boy questions ( I know, I'm dreaming, I need this tho). I just got remarried in October and we're expecting our first baby OMG IN A WEEK!! Jeez, I just looked at a calendar, d__n d__n d__n!! Anyways, another girl and we plan on trying for another kid because an only child just has so many things that they don't get to experience. K, nuff said for now, gotta go hug wifey.


Silby - May 11

L - thank you so much for that - you really made my day - can you share some special experiences they share together and those that you shared with yours


nina - May 12

I have 2 girls ages 5 and 2. We are trying for the boy right now. Let's see what happens. Wish me luck!


meg - May 12

i have 3 daughters 7,3,1 and they couldn't live without each other i don't know if they will feel the same when they are stealing each others clothes etc but for now they are inseparable good luck xx


LaLa - May 12

I hope you are blessed with a boy. They are very loving :o) I have 2 boys and will soon look for the girl. We are blessed to have these little angels as our children no matter if they are boys or girls.


Davida - May 12

I have 2 girls but they are 8 yrs apart and only get along if they are in seperate rooms! I am praying that will all change when they are older! I have 5 sisters and I am the youngest! My oldest sister is 65 and I am 39 and I love her!!! We talk everyday and visit several times a week (we live very close). I have a sister that lives in Vegas and I am in RI and she calls me at work on my 800#. I LOVE having sisters and don't undersand why my girls don't get along as well as I do with my sisters...girls are great and I wouldn't trade them for another two that got along great!!! I just pray that I am around for the day when they realize how special it is have and to be a sister!!!



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