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Stressed out - September 20

My job is stressful. I am 6 weeks pregnant, and my main priority in life is my pregnancy. I am scared that I am too stressed, overworked, and this will harm my baby. I do not want a miscarriage. I am going to the doctor, but he is not very helpful usually. Do they ever suggest taking time off of work early in your pregnancy? Please help, any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Ashley - September 20

I know just how you feel. I had a very high stress job in the beginning of my pregnancy, but luckily I was able to step down to the Receptionist position until after my pregnancy. Maybe you could talk to your boss about taking a job in the office with less stress. I am 35 weeks pregnant now, and have been doing great with stress. And my maternity leave starts next Monday.


Stressed out - September 20

Thanks Ashley. Good luck with your pregnancy, enjoy your mat leave! :)


April - September 20

Well let me tell you about stress!!! I work for my father. I work within 5 feet of him all day. Naturally he expects more from me as I am his daughter. VERY stressful as we fight all day! PLUS ontop of that all. I am NOT ent_tled to Maternity Leave!!! Since I work for my father I am not ent_tled to collect Unemplyment... as they 'a__sume' I am self employed. Had a huge fight with the government over this. Therefore, Now I will have to work as long as I can (meaning to 40 weeks) Than take only 1-2 weeks off and have to come back to work! NOW with all that, I am so nervous, what the H^LL am I going to do with a newborn, when I have to work!?!?!? NOW that is stress!!! LOL!


Melissa - September 20

I work for a vet and i'm on my feet all day and we see alot of emergencies which can be extremly stressful. But I love what I do and I have worked there for 8 years. I'am having alot of complications so I have cut down to only 3 days a week 5 hours aday and it has really helped my stress level. If you can cut back on hours do it and enjoy being pregnant. And to April I would QUIT working with Dad. He should me more concerned about your well being and his future grandchild. Good Luck


Sabrina - September 21

April, You are going to regret going back to work to quickly. Not only does your baby need you, you need more than a month recovery time. Take time off for the both of you.


kellie - September 21

stressful i know your doc just put me on bed rest because of stress at work and that is causing contractions so he has me on bed rest and medication to stop them...i dont think i was ever so happy to hear those words out of his mouth....they say that stress is good and stress is bad but to answer your question no they do not usually sggest time off that early in your preg....maybe you sould see about taking some vacation time or something...Good luck


bb - September 21

My job was very streesful, so i had a chat with my boss and step down a position untill i felt that i could cope with my orginial job again.


April - September 21

I constantly get headaches every single day. I believe its caused from stress. Its more my dad yelling at me than anything. He doesnt have alot of patience these days. I dont have a choice tho I need to work here. I just bought a house and have a baby on the way... I need to make as much as I am now to get by! I used up all my holidays before I found out I was pregnant! TOO BAD!


Dez - September 22

Well, for me i couldnt even work the first four months of pregnancy because i was so sick and very tired. After that i tried to go to work I am a cosmetologist, so i was working 8 hours a day 40 hrs a week on my feet, it got too hard for me to cope with especially when my boss was scheduling me by myself. I worked for about two months even though i didnt want too. I didnt want to feel lazy since you here this and that about so and so worked the whole way through. I couldnt do it physically or mentally, so I quit. You know what your body can take, and if it means that you feel more confertable taking your pregnancy off, well do it for you and your baby's health.


A - September 22

If you can afford to quit, do so......



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