Anyone With Anxiety Attacks Made It Through Pregnancy Amp No M

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lil - May 14

Please I need to know if i'm going to make it through my pregnancy with this panic attacks and no medication, my doctor doesnt let me take the paxil that i was taking for almos 3 years and i get two o more panic attacks a day i feel that i'm going to die can anyone help me. I get this weird things in my chest like tachicardia and my left arm hurts constanly and i cant harly breath, is so hard to deal with this in a daily basis. any hopes?


ADA - May 16

I had the same problem and I still think I do I get chest pains I get worried it feels like your dying I have several test done to check for my heart they told me every thing looks fine and I still panic for no reason its scary I am 26 weeks pregant I try so hard not to loose control


lil - May 16

Sweetie i know exactly how you feel i get this heart rate that is incredible and i cant even breath but my doctor told dont worry nobody dies from a panic attack and i actually read something really interesting this weekend on a web site and it helped me a lot i hope it helps you I'm only 14 weeks so i hope they get better, did you have them before you pregnancy?


sarah - June 6

you poor thing.but you are not alone ,i too suffer with them ,im now 28 weeks on wednesday and cant believe that ive reached this far,the time will go quickly,honestly,before you know it youll have a b baby in your arms.if you feel alone and need to talk,feel free.


lil - June 7

Sarah i hope you see this message today, i need to talk to someone so bad, i had a real bad panic attack yesterday and had to go to the emergency room and even there i was freaking out my heart rate was so high like in the 140 s it was very sad and today i feel so deppresed, and also they told me that my potasium is very low they even gave me a medication for it, i really need to talk to someone? please let me know [email protected]


Pennie - June 8

Hi lil- I work w/a girl who was 20 and pregnant and alone. All through her pregnancy she suffered horrific panic attacks- hers were brought on by being alone. She went through counsiling throughtout her pregnancy. (Medicaid did cover it). Her panic attacks did not start until she was pregnant though. Now she is much better and has a beautiful 6 month old girl- and isn't alone anymore : ) On another note. I suffer from depression and have before I was pregnant. With my hormone levels increasing and the stress of being single and pregnant sometimes my depression rockets through the roof. My doctor have kept me on my meds- even though there is not sufficent study on the drug b/c it is new (I'm on effexor XR). I know that there are other anti-depressand/anti-anxiety drugs that are safe, why didn't your doctor try one of those? They kept me on the effexor b/c it was better for my child and I if I'm not a stressed out, crying, depressed, ready to crawl in a hole mess. Paxil is a cla__s B drug, Effexor XR is a cla__s C so Paxil is safer then my drug. I would retalk to your doctor or get a new one. This stress is really bad for you and your baby. I hope this helps- oh yeah I found the drug info out at Take care of yourself.


Pennie-cont. - June 8

Just one more little thing. I was looking at the drugs and even tylenol is a cla__s B drug. I guess it is true what my doctor said- pure spring water from the alps is about the only cla__s A drug for pregnant women : )


2 LIl - June 8

I feel so bad for you because I know how they feel. I am 21 weeks and get really bad anxiety at certain times. I've never taken medicine for it so I just try to relax and think of the baby. It's not good to get all stresed out. Just know that your not going to die and that a lot of it is in our heads. We keep thinking that we can't breath or were going to faint. I just wish that sometimes I could turn my brain completely off!!!!!!!!!!! I think about things or situations way too much and it really stresses me out and starts my anxiety. I hate it!!!! Like the other day I had to go into Victoria Secrets to take a bra back. Before I walked in I kept thinking of what I was going to say and just from doing that I got so nervous and couldn't even go in. I had to make my boyfriend do it. How ridiculous is that! I felt like I couldn't breath. It sucks cause my boyfriend thinks it's so stupid, but I can't help it. Does anyone get like this in certain situations???? KEL


to Kel - June 8

hey girls is lily thanks for your post, i'm so stressed out because of my panic attacks i almost losse my job and they even put me in part time, now i have a bigger problem with my husband he says is all my fault because of my stupid panic attacks that he is not for this that he cant handle all the bills , so go figure today i'm going crazy having panic attacks and feeling so depressed, and to top it off i dont know if i should star the medication ( zoloft) because that will be another problem with him.


thanks for website - June 8

Whoever left that website I just wanted to thank. It's very easy to relate to. everyone should check it out-KEL


2 Lil - June 8

You know what that sucks that he's being like. My boyfriend thinks that I'm just being ridiculous when I get mine, so I had a talk with him about it and he's trying to be more understanding, but know one really understands till their in our shoes. People look at you like yuor crazy! Why would you get them at work? What happened with that?


to kel - June 8

i get then anywhere when i'm very anxious and today since i was out yesterday because i was in the hospital today at work they told me that i have to work part time until i feel better so now is less money more stress, thanks kel for paying attention it helps me to talk.


to kel - June 9

Thank you girl for your time it really helps, i know what you mean, but is so har kel if i'm not with my husband unless i'm at work if he is not home i get so anxious and whe he is around and we have our problems because i dont want otdo anything alone he gets so mad and i get even more anxious so is such a conflict is horrible, Thank god i have the same job i have had for years if not i would have gotten fired already because of my anxiety, no i dont know if to take the medication or not, are u pregnant? how many weeks?


lily - June 9

I know this is horrible, and cant be alone is somethinf that makes me feel horrible i get all anxious, when i was taking the paxil i never ever had any episode of anxiety, thats why i dont know if to star taking the med that the doct told me which is Zoloft, I have been in sports all my life since i was 6 until i graduated from high school i was on a swiming team and never had any anxiety until i had my baby.


2 Lil - June 9

Gosh, sounds like you need to maybe get back on some type of medicine. You don't think you could make it through the pregnancy with out it? I would try to hold off, you know just cause I don't think that would be greatest for the baby, but im not a dr. I know this sounds really dumb, but you should try conquering your fears. Make yourself go to the store alone. Who cares if you have a panic attack, youre not going to die from it and it won't happen if you keep telling yourself you're not afraid of it. What's the worst that can happen at the store? I know it's easier said then done, but you got to try it. Maybe your husband will be more understanding if he sees your trying. Just keep thinking of the baby! You don't want to be a mom who can't take her child to the park alone. That's what I keep telling myself. You can do it on your own without medicine. It got way better for me so it can do the same for you without the meds!:)KEL


to kel - June 9

i hear you but is not that easy if i wasnt pregnant i wouldnt vare dealing with the panic attack but i cant afford it my heart rate goes up to high.


Kim - June 10

I have been suffering from depression and anxiety attacks for 4 years. On top of that I became a heavy smoker. When I found out that I was pregnant again, I immediately went off all my medication and I quit smoking. All in the same week. Wow, I thought my husband would surely divorce me. And I also have two other children at home, ages 6 & 4. I am now 30 weeks pregnant and so far, so good. I do have days were I don't think that I can make it, but I tell myself that my children need a mommy and my husband needs a wife. I smoked when I got so upset and stressed out so I have found other ways to cope. Trust me, if I can do this, so can you. Just think what your reward will be after you deliver.



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