Anyone With Me?

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nia_1988 - August 27

Hello Mummies,

I am actively ttc (trying to conceive) for 4 years now and my lmp (last menstrual period) is on the 7 July 1. last week i went to my gynae, they do ultrasound & Dr told me it was 50/50. it might be an early pregnancy or its just blood clot as the pregnancy test was negative.

So they gave me medicine to induce menses so they prescribe me that meds for 5 days which my period shall came right after or a week later. it's the 3rd day after the meds, and today morning i have light pink discharge.

Based on my calendar, i should be 7 weeks now if i'm pregnant.Has anyone faced the same problem as me? Is there any possibilities to get a negative results and still be pregnant?


Emma07 - August 29

Hi dear, I hope you are alright. Well, it might be possible. I think you are pregnant. Have you consulted with the gynecologist? What does she say? If you haven't consulted yet then, go for the checkup. Get your tests done again. Maybe you get a positive result this time. Don't worry. Good luck. 


erin_wales - August 29

It's better to visit the good clinics. The doctor will better tell you what to try according to her problem. Because everyone has the different body. If she can carry the child, she should try IVF. Otherwise, she should go for surrogacy. But yes its really true that surrogacy has fewer chances of failure. But IVF is not that bad. If she has chances through IVF, she should really go for it.


jenny50 - August 29

That seems a bit weird. But it's okay. Nothing to worry about. It'll be okay. Just visit your doctor in a few days again. Get yourself checked. And I am sure you'll be able to know what is it. I hope it turns out to be just as you expect. Good luck to you.


megan762 - August 29

This is a bit confusing at this stage. You can't be sure if you are really pregnant. Did you go for any test after the five day medication? I think you should go fot it and see the results. Otherswise, see a doctor again. It might help you clear out your misunderstading. Sending baby dust to your dor way!



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