Anyone With Surrogacy Experience?

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Dailala - March 1

Hi everyone! It happened so that there was rapture of the uterus during my first delivery. The uterus was removed. My husband and I want to have one more child. What options do we have? We are thinking about surrogacy and adoption. My dh inclines to surrogacy more. We are from France and this procedure is illegal here. Is there anyone who underwent surrogacy or adoption? What problems have you faced? Which agencies/clinics have you used? How much did you pay? I want to talk to someone who knows the process personally. Reading articles in the internet doesn’t bring much info. All of them are so controversial! And I want to know all aspects and sides, so we’d understand how and where to start. I’m almost 40 years and I don’t want to waste time. I’ll appreciate any information! 


carolina11 - March 1

Hello hun! I'm so sorry you faced infertility. A year ago I was approximately in the same situation. I wanted to have a child, but the condition of my health couldn't allow me to accomplish my dream. I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2015. We've been ttc for 7 years before I got to know about my diagnosis. Treatment wasn't working at all. I didn't want to waste time. I was 32 already. And this wasn't only about my age. I was just so tired of ttc like crazy and getting nothing instead. I was recommended by my doc to use donor eggs to gp. We've decided to go abroad. There were lots of pros of going abroad, plus we wanted anonymous donor. Girls on this forum helped a lot to understand the process and to choose where to go. We contacted clinics directly. No agencies, it's just a waste of money. We found professional clinic and saved some money. I've got pregnant from the first try in July. I gave birth to a healthy and wonderful boy in April 2017. I hope you will find the best option which will help you to become parents for a second time! Good luck!


Dailala - March 1

Thanks for reply! I'm so sorry about your diagnosis. I'm happy to know you found solution! My congratulations! Your story is so inspiring. I'm so happy for you! Thanks for advices. I'll consider them for sure. I wish all the best to you and your family! Thank you so much for sharing your story with me. Now I really need to hear such words. They give me hope and strength to keep going. I really don’t want to lose time any more. I also feel so tired from being stressed all the time. I hope we’ll start our journey soon.


Bethany22 - August 3

Hey there! how are you doing? Surrogacy is often treated as a controversial subject. I don't really find anything controversial about it. There are legal documents and legislature involved. I hate it when people receive judgment for going for surrogacy. So there's that. Now if I tell you about my experience. That would be a bit different. My husband and I wanted to have another child. I had one son back when I was 28. So I and my husband went to a fertility clinic in Ukraine. Its name is Lotus. Sadly, I didn't find what I was looking for. Their services didn't meet my expectations. I mean if I'm paying so much, I need satisfaction too. However, I didn't get satisfied with their procedures. My husband and I decided to leave and drop the process.


monikadavid - August 7

Surrogacy has proven to be a highly successful procedure. So many couples have been able to fight through infertility because of it. For surrogacy, the clinic matters a lot. When I decided to opt for it I had a really bad experience with one of the clinics. I at first kept emailing them but there was no response. We had to contact them a couple of times. It was after a month or so I received an email. To me, it was more or less like a forward message. The email didn't respond to any of my queries. Instead, they had mentioned the prices and the documents that will be required. They wanted me to send them my marriage certificate. I wasn't willing to do any of this before my questions were answered. So there came a point where I couldn't move forward with the conversation. It was all pointless. It was really upsetting but had to move on.


AmandaK - August 7

Hey, I know how traumatic it would have been. I have also been through the infertility journey for 9 long years. Now, I have managed to snap out of it. And for the clinic, the importance of the fertility centers is very crucial in determining the success of any treatment. The good the clinic the more the chances of success. I will tell you the clinic called Lotus clinic. You must be aware that it has not professional staff or the doctors. I have a very nerve wrecking experience with them. If somebody recommends you, RUN!! You can find lots of others in Europe that provides quality services with better healthcare.


Rosinabaker - August 13


You took the right decision. Surrogacy is the best way to go about it. Well, you will have to travel. That is for sure. You can check this clinic Biotexcom. I went there for my surrogacy. It was a smooth process. They are super affordable too. Just a few emails and you will realize this. You can email them and they will guide you. Or you can attend this session they are about to hold. It will be soon I guess. The date is not confirmed. Though I would recommend going there. You will get to meet them. It can be a great way to solve your problems. Also, the consultation is free. This is a great opportunity. So don't miss it. 


cynthia12 - August 13

Hello, You should not lose hope. There still a chance to take. You can go for surrogacy. I know a clinic. It is reliable. Plus I had, my surrogacy done from there. I was cursed with infertility. I got to know about Biotexcom from these forums. The treatment was effective. They have a very effective team of specialists and experts. I was satisfied with them. They are having a consultancy session for people like us. You should give them a chance. Try to use this chance effectively. I hope it helps you get your answers. 


anaya18 - August 13

Hi everyone how are you all ? Today I want to share some important information with you guys. It's about Adonis clinic. They scammed my cousin. She was so disappointed. She loses hope. Then someone recommended her a good clinic in Eastern Europe. She visited them. They treated her really well. It was her best decision. She opts for surrogacy. She had a daughter through surrogacy. She was so happy. When for the first time she had her child in her hands her life was complete. Please beware of such clinics nd find a good place for your treatment like my friend did


Dakota1 - August 13

It is a wise decision to go for surrogacy. As it is the best option in many cases.  I am glad you took the opportunity to start your family. I have not started my journey yet. But I am planning to go for it myself. My husband and I have been trying for 8 years now. It has been a long journey. A stressful and a hectic one. I understand where you are coming from. It is my husband who has selected the clinic. It is in Ukraine. We have read a lot of good reviews. We will be going there in fall. I know it is a long process. But it is all worth it.


matinajohn785 - August 16

I just read your post. I think surrogacy is a great step to have a baby. It is more prior, safe and flexible over adoption or something else. As you are interested in this I would like to recommend a clinic I had the best experience with. Biotexcom is the best clinic for such services according to my experience. They have reasonable prices and provides quality treatment. Moreover, they have their own surrogates. And the good news is that they will come near us soon. Their team has decided to conduct an opening session to answer queries. You will also be allowed to sign a contract with them on the spot. But they did not decide the venue yet. I think it will be a great option for you. Keep visiting their website to know more details about the venue. My symapthies


Augustina - August 18

Hello! Hope you are well! I am 33 years old! I am an infertile! I have no other option left except surrogacy! I have been going to many hospitals but of no use! Finally my friend has suggested me a clinic in Ukraine! I have emailed them and their response was very satisfactory! They have called me for a free first session! I wen there! They gave me the positive hopes! They did not even give them to me but also did what they have said! I have signed a surrogacy contract with them! I got a healthy and sweet surrogate! She is very cooperative! This clinic have fulfilled our dream of parenthood!


anaya18 - August 18

Well, dear, I had a surrogacy. I visited a good clinic in Europe. They recommended my surrogacy. It was the best experience of my life. I am not the mother of twins. Just because of their best treatments I was able to achieve my dreams. I am really thankful for this clinic. I will recommend everyone to visit them.


bena12 - August 18

Dear, that's really very costly. I don't have such experience. My sister had surrogacy from a good clinic in Europe. It was really less expensive there. The staff was really good with her. You must visit them for your problems. I wish you a very good luck with that. My best wishes are with you. Baby dust to you


matinajohn785 - August 18

I'm so sorry for your situation. but I think surrogacy will be the best option for you because it is less risky with high success rates. I have also been through the process of surrogacy. Biotexcom provided me with that facility. I think you should consult them. The good news is that they are coming close to us. Their venue is not yet finalized. I think you should visit their website for details about the event. I hope you will be satisfied with them.


tara42 - August 19

Dear, that's really very costly. I don't have such experience. My sister had surrogacy from a good clinic in Europe. It was really less expensive there. The staff was really good with her. You must visit them for your problems. I wish you a very good luck with that. My best wishes are with you. Baby dust to you


CleoMarvel - August 19

Hi there, I am currently undergoing surrogacy through a clinic which has helped me a lot in every way possible. I think you need to choose the clinic first and then they will guide you in the right direction. My clinic did the same and my every concern and query was answered to my satisfaction. Good luck



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