Anyoneelse Is Having Their Newborn Sleeping In Their Bedroom

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leslie - March 30

I am already thinking about where my baby is going to sleep..I have a very big house a room for my own kid is not a problem but I think that the baby should sleep with their mom..I know a lot of people who as soon as they are born they put them in separate room..I want to have him/her as close to me as possible..maybe even on my bed with my bf and me or in the crib right next to my bed!! lol..anyone feeling like this?? am I been to over protective?


paula - March 30

I put my son in the room with me the first few months. It would be a good idea especially if you are going to b___st feed. I would be too tired to get up every other hour and wrestle through the dark to get to the babies room to feed him or answer his crying. So i will be buying a ba__sinet to have in our room.


Mellissa - March 30

My husband and I said that we are going to have the baby's crib in our bedroom....but you should NEVER put a baby in your bed to sleep with could be smothered during the night by a pillow, your blankets, or worse, you or your boyfriend could roll over on top of the's very sad and it happens way too much...I don't think that it is too over protective to have the crib in your room....but don't put the baby in your bed..


Abbie - March 30

We are putting a ba__sinet in you room. You shouldn't ever have the baby in bed with you. You might smother or sufficate it. I wouldn't even hold the baby in bed when it's late at night in case you fall asleep by accident.


Mari - March 30

I have my babys ba__sinet in the room next to my bed, im only keeping here for a couple of months


Jamie - March 31

Everything I've read, and everyone I've talked to says that if you keep the baby in the same room as you, you could create a severe separation anxiety when the baby's older. As such, my little girl is going to have her own room - but there's a very good chance I'll be on the couch right next to her crib. After all, nobody said I can't be in HER room!


sm - March 31

Just imagine the sepration anxiety when they are new born. It is bad enough doing it to a puppy. Where else would you put a baby but in your room? You can rock the crib with your foot if it is near the end of the bed. A newborn baby should be near its parnts, hearing snoring, breathing, movemt... or is it out of the womb and your on your own kiddo? They are small for such a short time. In old times babys were never alone, they were pa__sed about continuly, from grndparent to aunt to sister to cousin, it is only western society that says you are to put baby in its own neat LONELY room. What a world. No wonder there are so many f##### up adults and sucidal teens. Just love your babys and keep them near.


chel - March 31

We'll we doing the same thing we've done with our other two children. They slept in a ba__sinett in our room for the first 2 months, then they go to their room in their crib. There was no seperation anxiety at that age and they both did excellent. As a result, they both(now 6 and 4) go straight to their own bed at bedtime and go right to sleep after a story and hug and kiss. No problems. We also found that they slept better after they moved into their own room.


Daisy Jean - March 31

Leslie, I think you should follow your instincts on this. There is some research about this which concludes that sleeping with the parents is helpful to newborns because they can mimics their parents' breathing. It is EXTREMELY rare for babies to be smothered by sleeping with their parents. It used to be believed that babies who died of SIDS were actually smothered. Most experts now, don't believe this is the case. It will save you from worrying to have the baby near you. I have a friend, though, who had to move her newborn into the other room just because she was obsessively listening to the baby breathe and keeping herself awake. Trust your instincts- that's what they're there for.


leslie - March 31

THANK YOU DAISY JEAN AND SM and everyone else for your comments but I do believe it is better for babie's to be next to their parents, if possible even in the same bed...I was also thinking that centuries ago lots of families all would sleep all in one room and there was no cribs or extra rooms or heaters to keep the baby warm so this is I believe the parents jobs to keep baby warm with the mom's heat..and ..there wasn't even formula for babies so they would always be b___st feed that in my opinion its best.but thank you all for your opinions!!


Julie - March 31

I kept my son with me in a ba__sinet in our bedroom until he was sleeping through the night (about 6 weeks) and then I moved him to his crib.


Billie - March 31

I am also having my baby sleep with us in our bedroom for the first couple of months. We bought a ba__sinet and I thought it would be a lot easier since I plan on b___st feeding.


Lori - March 31

My daughter slept in our bed for 8 months it was so handy to nurse her. We plan to do the same with our next one.


tiffani - March 31

I have always kept my babies near me for the first 4 months. They slept with me for the first few weeks, and in a ba__sinet beside my bed until they out grew it, around the 4th month. As far as sharing your bed, you really need to be careful. They have co sleepers out there that make it much safer. It basically has a guard around where the baby sleeps so you're aware that he/she is there when you roll over. You're not being over protective, you're being maternal. Good luck! :o)


leslie - March 31

lori, where you ever scared of smothering your baby? I personaly thinkg that that is not possible since its such a natural thing to have your baby with you..I think its meant to be that your baby is always with the mother..if animals stick to their babies since they are born we humans should stick to our babies even more! I don't understand!!


tiffani - March 31

Leslie~ Unfortuanately, when you're sleeping, you're not always in control of your actions. Sadly, many unnecessary deaths occured when a parent rolled over on their newborn. Check into co-sleepers that prevent this.


D - March 31

I've not had my first yet, so I don't have personal experience, but some friends put the crib right up next to the bed with the crib rail on the bed-side of the crib down. Then they put something across to bridge the crack between mattresses (maybe a thick blanket?) That way, you can roll over and you baby is right there, but it is a bit safer because the baby is not where you can roll over it. I've not decided whether to try it or not, but I am planning to keep the baby in the room with us for a few weeks! I think we'll just see how it goes, and not set an arbitrary time limit.



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