Anything I Should Worry About

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Shannon - November 23

I'm going to be 8 weeks on thursday and I'm already experiencing back this normal so early? I work in a pharmacy that is pretty fast paced and I'm on my feet all day, I never really have a chance to rest and I know this isnt helping. I've tried changing my shoes and posture but nothing helps. Any suggestions? I'm usually ready to collapse by the end of the day and dont feel like cooking or cleaning when I get home...which sucks because my husband cant cook and now my eating habits are starting to suffer! HELP! I dont know what I should do.


Tracey - November 23

If you're experiencing back pain that is severe, I would talk to your doc. Also, make sure it's actual aching and not cramping, as this could be a sign of something serious. If it is just pure achiness, keep in mind as the little one starts to grow, even though you may not think your posture is changing, you're still making slight adjustments to accommodate the changes. This can cause back pain at any time during pregnancy. Also, be prepared for your feet to start feeling it as well. As far as being ready to collapse, this is completely normal too. I'm normally a clean freak and I love to cook, but between weeks 8 and 14 or so, I didn't so much as lift a pan to cook or a cloth to clean. I had NO energy when I got home (and I have a desk job!). Hormones are mostly to blame. Don't worry though, just use these several weeks to pamper yourself and let your husband pamper you. You should be getting your energy back in the second trimester, which is always a relief. Also, as for the back pain, once you really start to grow, the aching will get worse, so maybe look into getting one of those pregnancy back supports. I haven't tried one yet, but I'm getting close (I'm 25 weeks). Good luck, relax and take care of that little baby! These aches and pains will not last forever!


lilmama - November 23

This is pretty normal. Just try to lay and sleep as much as you can. May make you feel lazy, but it is better than pa__sing out, which a pregnant woman can do easily with too much going on. Just remember, that no matter how dirty your house is you will deffinatley make it perfect in the "nesting" stage that usually comes around 6 or 7 months. I swear when I was doing this last time, I actually thought about cleaning the inside of my dishwasher because I ran out of things to clean LOL. I took a close look at the washing machine too! I think I must have rearranged and folded and washed my babies clothes 800 times that month!! Just relax and get pampered like Tracey said. good luck!



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