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mandy - July 20

Im really scared, I found out I was pregnant and I dont know what to do. Im 19, 20 on friday and my boyfriend is 31. He doesnt want me to keep it. I was pregnant by him before and had an abortion and cant do it again, Im still very depressed about it. I brought up adoption and he said no, and that if i did do that he would never tell his family ever! I also dont think that I could do adoption because I would be too attached. I definently cant raise a child. Im not ready nor am responsible enough. I know It is probly hard to help with this one but any advice would be great.


SaRaH - July 14

This is by far one of the unusual things that I have read here!! Ok for 1 ~ if he is not man enough to take responcibility for a child he shouldnt have s_x with out protection!! #2 if you are going to keep letting this man control ur life then he will do it until the day he dies!!!!! #3 id hed never tell his family that u gave YALLS child up for adoption, will he tell them he made u KILL one?? I am not trying to be ugly at all I just think it is crazy that people have such control over other people especially when the only factor is love!!! Please just take my words into concideration and follow ur heart!! May GOD bless u and lead u in the right direction!!!!!!!!!!


SaRaH - July 14

Also if u are not ready and are not responsible enough then y are u having unprotected s_x?? I did at 17 and got pregnant and had to live with it! My son is 5 and he is the most awesomest person i have EVER met!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Melissa - July 14

You need to lose your boyfriend. If he really loved you he would step up to the plate and take responsibilty for what he has helped create. Please DON'T have another abortion. Your baby deserves to live and you deserve a loving, uncontroling, compationate man. Get help, talk to your family. You can to this. Stay in touch!


Haley - July 17

Your boyfriend is 31 years old - a man - or at least he is within the right age range to be considered one... What does he think unprotected s_x leads to? He should know better. We all should know better, I know, but I am just sick of hearing all these young people getting pregnant and not stepping up to the plate together and dealing with it the right way. Maybe right now, the both of you feel like getting pregnant was an "accident" but I a__sure you, if you follow through with this pregnancy and either keep the baby or give it up for adoption, you will have fulfilled your role in this situation, and feel alot better about yourself than if you just go and abort the baby because HE doesn't want to deal with it! I'm sorry if my advice sounds harsh but I am 21 years old and 39 weeks pregnant and I can not imagine going through these past 9 months without this little person inside of me. Sure, it takes time to get used to.... That's why it is a 9 month + adjustment. I encourage you to give it some time and make the right decision and maybe in the meantime, do some soul searching - without Mr.Man around. Good luck.


steffy - July 19

i wish i could have the answer for you but know that people out there that want a baby so bad and to hear of someone wanting to kill the one that they have i dont know it just kills me to hear this i cry so much because i want a child (like me are having a hard time getting pregnant)


brucen - July 20

I think you have already answered this question. You know that your not responsible enough and that your not ready. He isn't going to be around or if he is Melissa is right: "You deserve a loving, uncontrolling, compationate man." Why have someone like that in your life permanently?



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