Are Miscarraiges And Still Births Hereditary

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poohcma102 - September 20

I am hoping this is just a really stupid question. Does anyone know or think miscarraiges and still births are hereditary? I only ask this is because something my mother told me a few years ago is sticking in my head. She told me that all the women in my family have had one healthy child and when they went for a second they would either have miscarraiges or the baby would be still born. I am 32 weeks with second baby and this has been weighing heavily on my mind. I know I am a huge worry wart but like I said it still is on my mind


Trinity030608 - September 20

It could be hereditary. it depends on any diseases or conditions that could be pa__sed from generation to generation. I wouldnt bet money on though, it usually doesnt happen that way. My mom had 1 miscarrriage-but she was in a car accident, and nobody else in my family has any---but I've had six. so worry about it or think too much into it, your just putting un needed stress on you and the baby. Good luck


Trinity030608 - September 20

**********i meant DONT worry about it********sorry :)


aggie03 - September 22

Oh MY! There is no know hereditary disease that would cause only the second child to be miscarred!! Thats crazy. Yes there are genetic mutations that cause miscarrages and still born that could run in family, but genetics is random (probable, but random), It cant ALWAYS be a second preganancy that is affected. . Do yourself a favor discuss your conserns with your doc, and if everything with your current pg is healthy dont worry. Youll have enough to worry about when you have two children :) good luck


ShoppingForTwo - September 23

I'm sure they are not! That's sounds crazym but I know you were only asking because you were worried and someone told you that. Do you think your mother was joking? Although, I do believe that premature labor is hereditary. (Well maybe just in my family) my grandmother and mother have both had 3 childen at 7 months. My grandmother also had a son a 5 or 6 months and he pa__sed away. And a little over 3 months ago I delivered my baby girl at excatly 6 months. I told my obgyn about my family history and that I was worried and asked her if I could have the 17p shots weekly and she totally blew me off. I was on the march of dimes website as well as here my entire pregnancy looking up any info I could. It turns out I have an incompetent cervix. (The one thing I didn't research) I don't know if the doctors were 100% sure that's what it was or maybe they were just a__suming because that's what it is most of the time when women deliver early. Ok well sorry about making your post about me I just wanted to let you know that misscarriages and stillbirths are NOt hereditiary and will not happen to you! Just relax and enjoy your last couple of weeks of pregnancy.


GimmeaBub - September 24

Hey i am not sure if miscarriages are hereditary, in my family on both sides my grandmother, and my mother both had miscarriages with their first baby's, only at 4/5 months me i had a miscrriage at 6 weeks, (only 2 days after i found out i was pg). My dr told me alot of women will have miscarriages in their life that they wont even know about, sometimes just a late heavy period. Its just something that the body recognises just wont work. So it disregards it. However I dont think you have any fears if your dr's have not found any problems you and bub will be just fine! Just keep seeing your Gp, and relaxing and everything will work out perfect! A big congrats by the way, I am sure you will be a good mother! :) Baby Juice


SaraH - September 25

What your mother said makes no sense. Yes they can be hereditary IF what is causing them is something that you have like a type of blood disorder or a malformation of your uterus that is caused by your genetics. However, if a genetic thing was the cause in your family it wouldn't lead to 1 healthy baby and then having problems w/ a 2nd baby...that doesn't make sense w/ anything that would be genetic since if it were a genetic issue you should have potential problems w/ all pregnancies not w/ just a 2nd one. So, in this case NO. Don't worry about it. It is either a strange coincidence or your mother was exaggerating on the number of ppl in your family that this has happened to.


SaraH - September 25

Oh and for the whole is m/c I said there are some hereditary issues that could cause them BUT they are sooo common that chances are everyone has ppl who they know who've had m/c and half the ppl in your family probably have had one. They estimate that about 50-57% of the time a fertilized egg doesn't implant properly and therefore you m/c it. It's just that it occurs so often that most ppl never realize that they were ever pregnant w/ these ones (often even if you took an hpt it wouldn't come out positive in these cases b/c they are soooo early that you're HCG levels wouldn't be up high enough to test yet). As for m/c after the pregnancy is confirmed. They say you have a 20% chance of m/c all babies so that's 1 in every 5 pregnancies m/c after being confirmed, so chances are ppl in your family have had them but it's not a hereditary issue causing them. By the way I've had 2m/c's and now have a perfectly healthy 6m old and I know a bunch of others who've had a m/c (I know a handful of ppl who've had more then 1 m/c and nothings wrong) so it happens. In fact it's so frequent that they don't normally even consider checking for a possible problems w/ you until you've m/c'd 3 pregnancies consecutively.



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