Are The Effects From Cocaine Worse After The 1st Trimester

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Jezabel - May 1

I have been reading other peoples questions about the effects of cocaine on the baby while pregnant and most say it's less harmful in the early stages of pregnancy is this true ? What about in the 2nd and 3rd trimester. I am not an addict and I have used it only very occasionaly but would like some information on whether the side effects get worse later on in pregnancy ?


Jessy - May 1

If you're doing it right now you should stop right away...early on is when the most devastating birth defects can occur because the first 2 months is when the heart and brain develop..things cocain directly basic structural form of the child is going on in the next 2 months after..bones could get deformed...don't take the chance of you AND your child's life being tortured with hospital bills up the whazoo all cuz you wouldn't give up an ILLEGAL DRUG for 9 months out of your entire life


To Jezabel - May 1

Hi, you may not like what I am about to say. Just keep a open mind. Cocaine use in pregnancy is harmful to you and your baby. Your baby have a greater chance of being born early with shakes. The shakes will be because of the withdraws. The same withdraws and cravings you go through when you don't have cocaine. Your baby will also have a greater chance of SIDS. sorry to say.....From personal experience, my family member used cocaine while she was pregnant. The doctors found the drug in her blood. When she gave birth , the nurses took the baby to intensive care. The baby looked blue and was shaking. His scream was painful to here since he was my little cousin. In intensive care, they separate the drug addictive babies and place them in a dark room. He stayed there for 2 weeks. When my cousin tried to take him home, the police stopped her. The Police and child protection services said She couldn't have him and they were taking him away because of her "occasional" drug use. The baby boy is now 7 years old with health and learning problems because of his mom's "occasional" drug use. If you could see him, you would never use drugs again. No manner when you use drugs it is harmful to your baby. The first couple weeks of devolpment is very important. That is when you are suppost to be extra careful. What ever you read(post) is wrong. You need to stop doing drugs and go get some help. Treatment is the best option for you. If you are really a occasional user, you would stop doing drugs for a health pregnancy. "occasional users are normally addicts(lol). Please think about this for your baby's sake.


Sandy - May 1

Why do you use coke?



First off, if you don't know that using cocaine "occasionally" effects your own health, you are the biggest idiot ever. The effects are much worse on your baby, u might as well take a gun and b__w you and your babies brains out you selfish low life.


Audrea - May 1

Jezabel, here are some hard core facts of cocaice use during pregnancy, even just a one time use. Just so you know, I am an RN-mostly in the Neonatal ICU, but also L&D. First off just using cocaine once can kill YOU. It can make the placenta seperated from the wall of the uterus causing you to bleed inside hemmorhaging to death and you may not even know when it can strike. It can happen the first time you do it or it can happen on the hundredth time. Cocaine also has serious effects on the fetus. No, the babies are not seperated into a dark room by themselves. They are given minimal stimulation because of the most horrible withdrawals their tiny little bodies go through. They have a gut wrenching scream when they cry that is almost unbearable to listen to. They also continue to have learning disabilities, and can be severe, and attachment disorders, some cases of autism. Their neurological system can be shot to hell because of a selfish need for this drug. And yes, we do not let the mothers keep the baby if they are born addicted to any illegal drugs. If any illegal drug is found in the baby's urine, blood, or meconium at the time of birth then you can say bye-bye the first time you hold it. We can test an infant without the parent' s permission any time drugs are suspected. It is just not worth gambling with, for your life or that of the infant's.



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