Are The Ultrasound Can Be Wrong

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jhing - March 31

just wondering if the ultrasound can be wrong one month older.i got my ultrasound 3 times they still tell me same due date but i think my baby are one month older i just want to be sure that they can be sure about the age of your baby please help me to this problem.


lilmama - March 31

I think they are pretty accurate


Jamie - March 31

When I found out I was pregnant, I predicted a due date of Aug. 8; based on my u/s, I'm due Aug 11 - so I'd say they're pretty accurate. Certainly won't be off by a month.


2be - April 1

it is depends on what trimester you are in. it is easiest to estimate the age of the baby during the first few weeks as there is a big difference in growth week by week, after 12 weeks this becomes a little more difficult as size can vary and is not always a good indication. however, if you have had three scans i would trust that the doctors are right.


Leslie - April 1

you know how the doctors start counting from the last time you had your period?? or something like that well it happened to me that I started counting from the time l had s_x and thought that is when it happened..when did you started counting? maybe there is a confusion there..


jhing - April 5

i start to count to my lmp not to my ultrasound result or my careproviders findings.


DJ - April 6

I think with 3 ultrasounds, the doctors are probably right.


chamz - April 6

I got my ultrasound today and they cant find any fetus and i must go to gynekolog again to find out if i am really pregnant but when i try pregnancy test its comes out positive but and i think i am 12 weeks pregnant i feel all pregnancy sypmtom and my stomach keep growing but i got blook for 1 week and its stop today.could be ultrasound can be wrong or i get miscarrieg? hope to hear you!


Lou - April 6

Well a skills ultrasound tech would be able to give you the correct date but there are some that have made that mistake. But if its been done 3times and still the same out come then they may be right but just make sure that you have everything ready just in case they ready and want to come out of the oven


Karen - April 6

I did my first ultrasound when I was about 7 weeks. The doc told my that base on the baby's growth it would be right. Once you feel comfortable with your doc then I am sure he is right, if not go to get a second opinion. You may have miss counted. Your due date is estimated and the doc can only go by what you tell him. They consider the first day of your last period and count from there. If you gave him a wrong date then your due date may be wrong. Remeber that babies may be two weeks early or late. Those little ones come when ready !!!!


tina - September 16

I was wondering how right are the ultrasound to determin the s_x of the baby??


Tiffany - September 17

Thay are not 100% with the s_x of the baby. Its ahrd sometimes if the baby is turned and the cord can sometime be mistaken for a p___s.



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