Are There Any Remedies For Nausea When Pregnant

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mary - March 6

are there any remedies for nausea when a women is pregnant


To mary - March 7

CRACKERS!!! If you get sick in the morning as soon as you wake up, try eating a few crackers before you go to bed...and keep some by your bed to eat before you get out of the bed. Either that or dry toast.


Jenn - March 7

I never had morning sickness. I started taking Prememsis prenatal vitamins before I got pregnant though. This could be related as the bottle says "helps reduce morning sickness as prescribed", maybe you should ask your doc about a different prenatal. Otherwise I have heard, like Mary said, crackers helps. Also I have heard that ginger ale helps too. Good luck!!! :)


E - March 7

I found relief sucking on Altoid Sours, day and night. It took the nasty taste out of my mouth. You can find them at grocery stores or Walgreens/CVS.


J - March 7

I wish I knew what they were I am sick as a dog!


chel - March 7

Try the seaband wrist bracelets. They apply pressure to the nerve that can stop nausea.


Ash - March 7

Crackers, gingerale, toast, and small meals throughout the day. Try putting something in your mouth every 2 hours, even if its just a few crackers. Also, I found that green apples helped me.


Robyn - March 7

Oh man I am dyin over here! I am almost 8 weeks and just now getting morning sickness! Its aweful I have tried everything. Crackers dont really do anything, the only thing so far that has helped...believe it or Subway veggie sub. My friend told me it was because of the cuc_mbers. I dont know how true it is but hey anything is worth a try. Also I saw this add for something called Preggie Pops and they are loli pops you suck on whenever you feel nauseous and they are supposed to help. At this point I am not opposed to trying anything!


RR - March 7

I am at 6 weeks and have horrible nausea all day long - but I also experienced this with my first pregnancy. When you are that sick you are willing to try anything. The only thing that helped me a little last time was the motion sickness wristbands. I wore them day and night and got them again at the first sign of sickness with this pregnancy. Accupressure has always helped me in the past (headaches etc.) so I feel like get a little relief wih them now (?)Other than that...eating all day long is the only thing that helps - Anything with sugar also makes me sick so Ginger Ale or any kind of candy really isn't an option but if you find something that works for you, do it! Good luck!



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