Are There Signs That Baby May Come Early

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Leahp - August 17

Hi ladies, this is my first pregnancy and I have heard that usually with your first baby you tend to go past your due date, but I sure hope she come a little earlier, I'm 35 weeks and have been experiencing the sharp pains and was wondering what signs you may of had before you went into labor and whether your first baby came early or late.


Lissi - August 17

I'm 37 weeks and I've been getting the same thing, but I think it may be just wishful thinking that the baby will come early. My first baby too. She's head down and a fith of her head is now resting in my pelvis, but my midwife says it doesn't mean she'll be coming any time soon. :( Oh, I hope she's not late! I've had a few sharp pains too, but that's just Braxton Hicks and can happen any time from 18 weeks onwards, I'm told.


Julie - August 17

I had my first baby a few days early. I used red rasberry leaf herb supplements from gnc. They are supposed to prepare you for labor and soften your cervix. My sisters both took them and also went a couple days early. They say not to start taking them until you are 37 weeks.


Leahp - August 18

Hi Julie, I do already have some red raspberry leaf tea and can't wait to start drinking it, all I've heard is good things about it! I'll wait one more week, I'm almost kind of nervous! But I'm ready to meet my little lady!


s - August 18

Where do you guys get this Red Raspberry Leaf Tea it a hot tea or cold? Does it work?


Leahp - August 18

Hey s, I got mine at Whole Foods, or any natural food store and it can be drank like ice tea or hot tea, some women even make ice chips out of it for the hospital, during labor.


Julie - August 18

I got mine from GNC vitamin store it is a vitamin supplement that you take once a day. It is not the tea but a pill.


E - August 18

I felt light headed and sick to my stomach two days prior. I also had a bit of a headache. I definitely had signs, although I did not know it at the time. I went into labor at 37.5 weeks. My water broke 30 minutes after I got home, on a Sunday. Sunday and Monday is a huge day for the delivery wards. The nurses told us this. The reason being that people are more active on the weekends, and they think this helps women to go into labor on Sunday night, or Monday.


Leahp - August 18

Wow, I was wondering if you can feel sick at all, because I have felt fluish for the past few weeks and now I have horrible menstrual like cramps with irregular contractions. I just have this gut feeling that she's going to come early. Plus, that's funny how you say that babies usually come on Sun. or Mon. because we're trying to get our new addition all settled and set up the baby's room so I know the next couple weeks could be labor inducing!!!



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