Are There Women Over 34 Ttc

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Liz - March 17

Hi, I keep running into VERY young people on this board. The last time I was preg. I was 29 and it's been 7 years!!!! I thought I'd start a post and say "hi" to women in my age group : ) Happy St. Paddy's Day!


Hey Liz - March 17

sorry I'm only 25 but just wanted to wish you a very Happy St Patrick's Day too! All the luck of the Irish to you (and me) in ttc!!! xxxxxxxx


Carla - March 17

Hey Liz I am 38 and trying for 1st! Happy St. Pat's and much dust!


Cami - March 17

I am 37 trying for number 2. There are alot of us out there!!!!!


eyebeeablessing2u - March 17

I am 39 and 24w1d PG with our first.


Liz - March 17

SO glad to hear from you all! I am glad to know I am in good company! : ) Congrats "Eyebeeablessing2u" and much baby dust to the rest!!


Dixie - March 17

My youngest from my first marriage was 9 when I got pregnant with my (now) 9 1/2 month old, Aspen. I am now 8 weeks pregnant with my FIFTH baby!! My husband now is 6 years younger than me and never married or had children. He is so attentive, loving AND excited about his next baby, it makes the problems of being pregnant again at 35 totally worth it. My first child is almost 16 now, I have a 12 year old daughter and a 10 year old daughter. Just when you think you are done, you fall in love! I can't even tell you how happy I am to be a parent again (and again ;)). My husband is the last one in his family to carry on his family name so we are praying for a boy, but if another girl comes... Joy!! And after this beautiful baby, we're gonna make sure this is the last, mom's gonna have her tubes tied. Five is definately enough for this girl! Congratulations on your pregnancy! And, Happy St. Pat's Day to ya!


Liz - March 17

Dixie-whoa!!!! 5?????Now that's impressive and you sound like you havea great att_tude. I always just wanted one. It's only been the last few months that I think another would be great.May daughter is already 7. If it doesn't happen for me though I am still blessed and in a great place. Congrats to you on your upcoming new addition!


I'm 34 - March 17

I am 34 and preg w/ 1st. I am glad I got my "living" out of the way! I think I'll have more patience bow then if I was 25! Good luck ttc #2, Liz


Liz - March 17

Thanks and good luck to you too : )


gerri - March 17

Hey Liz, so does this mean your gonna go for it? I'm 35 with my 3rd and my last on is 7 as well.....Good Luck


Liz - March 17

Gerri-Yep but only for a few months!!!! Whatever is meant to be is meant to be : ) I'm not getting any younger.


gerri - March 17

Well, however many months you decide to try is great!! I wish you all the luck!!!! Happy Saint Pattys Day to Ya! Keep us posted.......I'm ruttin' for ya!


Baby S - March 17

I am 36, ttc for #1.


Liz - March 17

Thanks Gerri...I am rootin for me too-ha!! : )


marcia - March 17

Hi, I'm 39, will be 40 when the baby is due. Right now I'm 11 weeks due Oct 3. I'm queasy, excited, and scared. I need to make a decision about amnio, so that's been on my mind alot lately. With all the info about it, it does seem safe, but that little .05%-1% still makes me nervous. Why can't they word it like this: 99% safe. Anyways, Hello to you!


Liz - March 18

Hi Marcia, Much congrats to you! Is this your first? I realize this time around (if it happens) I'll have to have the amnio too. I didn't last time as I was 7 years younger!!! I've had many friends have it done though and we're glad they did. Maybe we need to start an amnio experience thread!!



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