Are These Braxton Hicks Help

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Confused - December 20

There are some times that my stomach tightens up and feels a little uncomfortable and people tell me "oh those or Braxton Hicks" BUT they are only on the right side. Never on the left side. My stomach gets tight and hard on the right side. They only seem to come in the late hours 12am-5am so I timed them last night there are like 6-7 an hour and they arent regular...are they still Braxton Hicks? Is it normal to have that many?


lilmama - December 21

sounds like braxton hicks to me, but I would call the doc. I had the same feelings when I was 7 months and it turnes out i was in premature labor. I hope the best for you and try to stay comfortable!


Christine - December 21

How far along are you?...It sounds like Braxton Hicks...could be that your uterus is more to the right side at the moment and so thats were it tightens the most...6 or 7 an hour is a little more that you should be getting..they usually say any more than 5 an hour and you should give the doc a call just to be safe...I dont think the time of day is an issue...maybe it says that your labor will be late at night(lol) but I doubt it...good luck...Im 23 weeks with my 3rd and have been getting braxton hicks for a while now..


Confused - December 21

I am 33 and 1/2 weeks. What are some of the signs of premature labor? Is it normal for a 1st child to come early?


lilmama - December 22

really the only thing I remember is the contractions. You need to be sure that you are getting pleanty of water to drink. I mean A LOT!!! They said that was the reason I went into labor so early. I got dehydrated, so get pleanty of water and rest. Soda can make you more dehydrated too, so try to skip on that. Just call your doc and ask, you can never be too sure!


Mellissa - December 22

Sometimes my practice contractions feel much "harder" on the left side because this is where my baby is lying in my uterus. His shoulders, back and bum lie all along the left side and when he is more to the front of my abdomen, the contractions are felt (by hand) to be harder on that side. I get Braxton hicks alot and I am only 3 days shy of 32 weeks but my midwife says it's a sign of the uterus "working out" in prep for labour and delivery so the constant uncomfortable feeling isn't for nothing. They get worse if I attempt to lie semi-upright on my back so I often just lie on my side to alleviate the a little. They always take my breath away. Literally!



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