Are U Supposed To Bleed When Ur Pregnant

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sunshine - November 1

im almost 3 months and i went to the bathroom and when i wiped alil blood was on the toliet paper it wasnt no where else only when i wipe and its not dark it is really lite not dark is that bad?


TickleTickle - November 1

It is not uncommon for some women to bleed a little early in pregnancy. If it gets worse or you start cramping go to the ER.


darcie - November 1

i'm having the same problem, i'm not bleeding thru or anything, just when i wipe, it's brite red too, i would love some help with this, i also am having some cramping too. is this normal????


to darcie and sunshine - November 1

You really should get to your doctor and have them check you out it could be nothing or it could be a mc I don't want to upset you but i had mc at the begining of this year and that is how it started by bleeding I felt fine other wise so it is best to go to the doctor just to be safe...good luck


sunshine - November 2

i went to the er last night it was soo crazy and scary..they did a altrasound and couldnt find the baby..but my blood work showed up as there is a pregnancy so they thought that it was a tubal pregnancy so they kept me all night well this mornin the doctor said that it wasnt that either but they still cant find where the baby is i have to go back friday im so scared they said i might be tryin to miscarry...


geri - November 2

well, at almost three months it could mean dehydration or you could be beginning to miscarry (which at this point there really is nothing they can do)..I would lie down, drink losts of water..and wait and see what happens


Lindsay - November 2

i had a similar problem at around 10 weeks. i was bleeding very lightly but it was still enough to scare me. i ended up with cramping too from worrying so much but it turned out that the baby was fine. so try to relax and hope for the best. getting upset wont make things any better...good luck and keep us posted!


stacey - November 3

i had the same problem only when i wiped and mainly in the morning i went to the hospital they did a scan and everything was fine im 23 weeks i think its just like a slight period cos i had them at the beginning so i didnt know i was pregnant till i was about 17 weeks


April - November 3

I would not be too concerned with a little spotting, but I would bring it up at your next doctor's appointment. Intercourse can often cause some spotting as well while pregnant. Keep an eye on it and keep your doctor informed!


Lucienne78 - November 3

I am 17 weeks pregnant and I've been spotting on and off for about 4 weeks. Not too much, just when I wipe. I spoke to the doctor and all they told me at the beginning was to lie down and drink lots of water and gatorade. When it happened again this week, they made me go for a sonogram the same day. Well, they found out that I have placenta previa and that is what's causing the spotting. If you have spotting, but don't feel any pain or cramping it can be this. It means that the placenta is lying low and covering the cervix. 90% of the time it moves up and doesn't block the cervix anymore, but please get it checked. I'm not allowed to exercise, lift anything over five pounds, or even walk around a lot. I need to keep my feet up most of the day, because this can cause a miscarriage or even a hemorhage (in more severe cases).



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