Are You Having Really Strange Dreams

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Kaz - May 2

Last time I had such bizarre dreams like this I was on Nicotine patches. I almost can't wait to go to sleep to see what other weird stuff my brain can conjure up. One night my friends all got together and bought for my birthday a huge glass salt shaker, like the size of a car. I came home to find it in my lounge room.


anon - May 2

I have been having really strange dreams myself...maybe its because we are so emotional and our subconscious minds have things to work out...I also keep having dreams of positive pregnancy tests although I have yet to recieve one


Kaz - May 2

Well I sincerely hope your dreams come true. I was actually more hormonal before I was preggy with PMS, I think because I was ready to concieve and I felt down when my monthly came. There was this one day I was on my way to work and noticed a family of ducks close to the side of the busy road. I got to work and cried so hard because I worried they'd get sucked up under a truck and I'd see them squashed on my way home. I look back now and feel embarra__sed. I even called Wildlife Rescue, pathetic hey. One lady I work with told me "You're okay, there'll be more tears to come yet". I found out a was pregnant the following week. I've been fine since, my dreams are like really trippy. Anon, may I ask how long you've been ttc?


almost there... - May 2

i have had weird dreams the last few months mostly that labor is no biggie and the baby comes out small and cuddly like a teddy bear, and after the first feed she grows up really fast!


Jbear - May 3

I've been having really strange dreams myself. I dreamed that my apartment burned, that some disaster had killed off half the people in the country, and that I was having a miscarriage...all in one night. I'm almost scared to go to sleep.


Stephanie - May 3

One of my most vivid dreams when I was pregnant was that I was in a school cafeteria and when I would stand on top of a table my child would be like ten or twelve with braces, and when I would get off the table, she was still a baby. Pregnancy does weird things to your dreams and I believe that any insecurties that you have being pregnant will come out in your dreams. Especially anything you are scared about happening to your baby. I think that it is totally natural, and your baby will be fine.


Lissi - May 3

My dreams are always weird, but lately I keep dreaming that people are trying to take my baby away from me. It's very upsetting.


Kaz - May 3

To Almost there, I've had those "easy labour" dreams too. One was I woke up and it had slid out itself, now that's dreamin'.


tiffani~ edd 11/07/05 - May 3

There's nothing like a pregnancy dream. I had one the other night involving rats riding toy horses in my garage. WTF??? I think it stems from the dead mouse we found in the garage the day before. Wierd, I know. :o)


LALYA - May 3

HELLO, i did a first response test tonight and i got a very faint pink line within the 3 minutes. I have yet to confirm as do not know weather to trust the faint line,but i keep having weird dreams, last night that i had to go to the opt_tions because i had nelson mandella stuck in my eye!!!!!


Lissi to Layla - May 3

Even if the line is faint, it still means you're pregnant. Congratulations!


Meg - May 3

I've been having crazy dreams too. Some about telling odd people in my life that I'm pregnant. Last night I dreamt I was in high school and writing a math exam. I was so happy when I woke up!


Kaz - May 4

Yeah I think your body knows you're pregnant before you do. I had a dream that I had a baby, a very tiny little girl. We left the hospital and stopped in at my work to show her off and my b/f was carrying her around. I actually believed that the dream was refering to us just moving into a new home. You know, dreams of birth reflecting something new in your life. I forgot about this dream and found out 6ish weeks later that I was 6.5 weeks preg. I still hadn't remembered the dream until my niece said to me "Hey Aunty Karen, maybe your dream's coming true." Well I've yet to find out if it's a boy or a girl.


Karen - May 4

Well I had the carzest dream last night. I dreamt that my bf ex (who is still deadly in love with him and totally !!!!!(sarcism)) and I were on this trip together we were the best of friends and was even doing each other nails.!!!! TALK about really werid. I woke up wondering if I should tell my bf or not cause it was like a real joke to me. She would proably try to kill me if we were to go anywhere alone together !!!!!


embarra__sed - May 4

I'm to embarra__sed to say my name, but last night I dreamt I met JLorenzo!!! Oh boy!


Breanne - May 4

Hey, Yes, can I say VIVID!!!!!! LMAOOOO, ok!! I have wierd dreams all the time, I am pregnant with Twins, and dreamt i was having twins before i knew wierd????? lol!!


Misty - May 4

Right before I went ot have my u/s I dreamt I went and it was done at work and they couldn't see anything. I was starting to freak out and then my boss (who was doing the u/s) told me I couldn't see anything because I was having triplets so they were still too small for me to see. :-) Talk about weird. I am only having one also. That is what the real u/s revealed.



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